United Airlines Lost About $800 million After the Viral Video

After the incident of dragging its customer from an overbooked flight, United Airlines is losing its stock value.

Washington:A�United Continental stocks fell drastically after the cellphone video taken by a co-passenger of dragging an Asian passenger off the flight had gone viral.

The companya��s shares dropped by 3.8 percent in a day after the dragging incident. Though the stocks picked up a little later in the day on April 11, they ended with a decline of about 1.5 percent, as per reports.

The video of police dragging the passenger out of the overbooked flight has been reported widely, and on social media, the video has gone viral causing controversy. People were shocked by the treatment the passenger had received. The pictures of the passenger with bleeding face have captured their attention. The airlines known for its hospitality has seen losing its reputation in a day.

The airlines have always overbooked their flights, and they keep the right to ask passengers on random basis to take alternative flights if the flight is full. In this case however, the United Airlines needed a few seats for its crew. They requested for volunteers and upon no one showing up they had to force a passenger out.

The Asian passenger who was kicked out of the flight had a valid reason for not cooperating. He is a doctor and had to see patients the next morning. The airlines had to vacate a seat for its own crew and it was handled in a wrong way. The result is the damaged reputation.

Viewers have seen the airline treating its customer as garbage. And the feeling that it could happen to them as well makes the viewers more sensitive toward the video.

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