United Airlines Forcibly De-board Asian Passenger At Chicago

A passenger of Asian origin was de-boarded by United Airlines in the US on Sunday sending shockwaves into travelling class.

New York: United Airlines has suspended one security officer in connection with the ugly incident in which a passenger of Asian origin was forcibly removed from Louisville-Kentucky flight at Chicago. The person who was shouting in protest while being dislodged has not been identified. He is understood to be a doctor from an Asian country.

Several passengers recorded the incident and complained to the United Airlines officials. “It was very traumatic,” said Jesse Kelley. “It was horrible. I had trouble sleeping last night and hearing the video again gives me chills,” said CNN quoting her.

The airlines officials asked the passengers in general to give up seats voluntarily for compensation. “When no one came forward, the officials forced into an involuntary de-boarding situation,”airlines spokesman Charlie Hobart said. He said after taking all factors like connectivity and age the airlines decides which passenger has to be de-boarded.

When the concerned passenger refused to oblige after repeated requests, the officials had implemented the protocol, the spokesman explained. Overbooking is not illegal in the US, said the spokesman.

United Airlines CEO Response:

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A Punjabi Murdered In A Hate Crime In The US

An unidentified person killed Jagjeet Singh for not selling cigarettes in a suspected hate crime.
Cab Driver Jagjeet Singh

Washington (D.C.): Jagjeet Singh, a 32-year-old, was stabbed to death outside a grocery store at Modesto City in California on Friday in a suspected hate crime.

The victim, a resident of Nadala Village in Punjab and who came to America a year ago, was killed by an unidentified person over not selling cigarettes.

A man entered the grocery store where Jagjeet was working at around 11:30 pm and asked him for a pack of cigarettes, but couldn’t provide a mandated identity card. Upon refusing to sell cigarettes without the card, the man reportedly accused Jagjeet, spouted racist abuses, and warned him of dire consequences. The customer left the store in fury. All of this is reportedly captured and recorded by the store’s CC camera.

About half-an-hour after the incident, Jagjeet went outside the store, where the customer attacked him with a sharp-edged weapon. He reportedly died on his way to a local hospital.

Wife, Kuljeet Kaur, and two sons – Ishmeet Singh, 9, and Dilpreet Singh, 7, survive Jagjeet. His family in the US and back in India were shocked by his death.

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United Airlines Lost About $800 million After the Viral Video

After the incident of dragging its customer from an overbooked flight, United Airlines is losing its stock value.

Washington: United Continental stocks fell drastically after the cellphone video taken by a co-passenger of dragging an Asian passenger off the flight had gone viral.

The company’s shares dropped by 3.8 percent in a day after the dragging incident. Though the stocks picked up a little later in the day on April 11, they ended with a decline of about 1.5 percent, as per reports.

The video of police dragging the passenger out of the overbooked flight has been reported widely, and on social media, the video has gone viral causing controversy. People were shocked by the treatment the passenger had received. The pictures of the passenger with bleeding face have captured their attention. The airlines known for its hospitality has seen losing its reputation in a day.

The airlines have always overbooked their flights, and they keep the right to ask passengers on random basis to take alternative flights if the flight is full. In this case however, the United Airlines needed a few seats for its crew. They requested for volunteers and upon no one showing up they had to force a passenger out.

The Asian passenger who was kicked out of the flight had a valid reason for not cooperating. He is a doctor and had to see patients the next morning. The airlines had to vacate a seat for its own crew and it was handled in a wrong way. The result is the damaged reputation.

Viewers have seen the airline treating its customer as garbage. And the feeling that it could happen to them as well makes the viewers more sensitive toward the video.

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2nd Racial Crime On NRIs In Australia In A Week

2nd racial crime nris australia week

Melbourne: Li Max Joy, a 33-year old nursing student and a part- time taxi driver was assaulted on Saturday at a restaurant in Hobart city in Australia by teenagers who indulged in racial slurs.

The teenagers shouted “you bloody black Indians’ before attacking the immigrant from Kerala. On March 19, a Catholic priest was stabbed at a church when he was in Sunday mass. He also migrated from Kerala. Two incidents of hate crime in one week have sent jitters among the Indian community living in Australia.

Joy, who is from Puthuppally village in Kottayam district of Kerala, said he went to a McDonald’s restaurant for a coffee. There was a group of four teenage boys and a girl who were having an argument with an employee. Soon they started calling Joy names and attacked him. When the restaurant representatives called the police, the group left. After some time the group returned and assaulted Joy who was at the car parking area. They followed hi into a store and kept beating him. Joy said the youngsters were angry with the restaurant and they took it out on him.

Joy was admitted in a hospital where he was treated for bleeding wounds. CAT scan and X-Ray was done to check if there are any internal injuries. On being discharged from the hospitals, joy has registered a complaint with the police.

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Hate Crimes Against NRIs In US Will Be Checked: Sushma

New Delhi: External Affairs Minister Sushma Swaraj said Indian Government is in constant touch with US regarding the hate crimes which are of the top most priority of the ministry.

Sushma, speaking in Lok Sabha today, said she spoke with the parents of Kuchibhotla Srinivas and Deep Rai and raised these issues with highest authorities in the US.

FBI is investigating these hate crimes and Indian Goverment is in touch with Donal Trump administration over the issue, Sushma said.

Sushma Swaraj read out the letter written by Srinivas wife’s addressing Indian Ambassador saying, “All the help extended to me in time is deeply appreciated”.

Mallikarjun Kharge, Congress leader, criticised the Indian government for failing to ensure safety to citizens of India in the US.

“Our Government remained silent when our citizens are getting killed, threatened in the US,” Kharge added.

Reacting to the criticism, Sushma said Indian Government and US President Donald Trump condemned these attacks and promised to take measures to protect Indian

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Candle Light Tribute At KBR Park For NRI Victims

Hyderabad: Telangana NRI Parents Association and All India Peace and Solidarity organisation (AIPSO) are jointly organizing Candle Light Tribute program on March 9 at KBR park, Banjara Hills, at 6pm in memory of Vamshi Reddy and Kuchibotla Srinivas, who died of hate crimes in the USA recently.
Releasing a Poster of the program, Dr D. Sudhakar, AIPSO National General Secretary, president and general secretaries of Telangana NRI Parents Association Raj Kumar and Krishnamachary, AIPSO TS presidium members MRG Vinod Reddy, Tipparthi Yadaiah, Metla Jagan, Raghupal, generalsecretary KVL,Secretary AIPSO State secretaries Mukthala Rekha and P.N.Murthy,Greater Hyderabad General secretary Venkat swamy along with others, condemned racial attacks and hate crimes In the US.

While talking to the media they said that after the US President Donald Trump hate speeches attacks have increased. It’s deplorable and disgusting that USA being an oldest democratic country is not taking seriously the increasing attacks on Indians and other innocent people. Prime Minister Narendra Modi cannot be a spectator and he must open his mouth and speak with Donald Trump, about the security of 30 lakh Indians residing in United States.

Most of the American revenue generated by Indians only. Once if they come back what would be the fate of America they questioned. And they demanded Donald Trump to take action for peace full atmosphere and to safe guard the people’s rights. Americans used to claim that their democracy is oldest… if this is the democracy no body wants it. They criticized.. They demanded that exgreatia of $ one million should be paid to each of the diseased families and to the injured families by US government. (NSS)

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