United Airlines Forcibly De-board Asian Passenger At Chicago

A passenger of Asian origin was de-boarded by United Airlines in the US on Sunday sending shockwaves into travelling class.

New York: United Airlines has suspended one security officer in connection with the ugly incident in which a passenger of Asian origin was forcibly removed from Louisville-Kentucky flight at Chicago. The person who was shouting in protest while being dislodged has not been identified. He is understood to be a doctor from an Asian country.

Several passengers recorded the incident and complained to the United Airlines officials. “It was very traumatic,” said Jesse Kelley. “It was horrible. I had trouble sleeping last night and hearing the video again gives me chills,” said CNN quoting her.

The airlines officials asked the passengers in general to give up seats voluntarily for compensation. “When no one came forward, the officials forced into an involuntary de-boarding situation,”airlines spokesman Charlie Hobart said. He said after taking all factors like connectivity and age the airlines decides which passenger has to be de-boarded.

When the concerned passenger refused to oblige after repeated requests, the officials had implemented the protocol, the spokesman explained. Overbooking is not illegal in the US, said the spokesman.

United Airlines CEO Response:


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