Unique filigree idol of Lord Ganesha enters Wonder Book of World Records

Hyderabad:A�Filigree artist Sriramoju Chiranjeevi of a�?Kala Karimnagar Silver Filigree Handicrafts Societya�� has created a record at Wonder Book of International Records with his 10.25 kg silver Ganesh idol.

Speaking to media persons here on Saturday, representatives of Wonder Book of International Records said eight highly-skilled artisans worked for 545 days to shape the 22a�?x21a�? idol. The uniqueness of the idol is it was developed with 1,500 separate pieces of hair made of intricate silver wire.

Syed Sardar and his craftsmen said, a�?Creating this idol is never ending challenge; still our determination made ita�?. They also said silver filigree art dates back to 400 years in Karimnagar District. a�?But unfortunately, this elegant art has never got its deserving place. Still the society strongly believes that they would reach out to the world with this unique art and needs support from the State government and art-lovers to achieve many more recordsa�?, Syed Sardar said. -NSS

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