Union Minister Venkiah Naidu Praises Ghazi

Hyderabad: A special show of new movie Ghazi was screened for Union Minister Venkiah Naidu at Prasad Labs on Sunday. Speaking to media along with Unit members, Venkiah Naidu praised the makers for putting their efforts in displaying patriotism and commitment, which is educative for the present youth.

Movie, which depicted the story of 1971 Indo Pak war, has no vulgarity, songs, music, but onlyA� content in the subject which make viewersA� to enjoy all through, Minister felt.

He complimented director for bringing such type ofA� story on the celluloid which shows the bravery of our soldiers.

Vekiah Naidu, known for tongue twisters in his political speeches continued in the same way while praising Ghazi.

Pakistan has been aiding, funding, training terrorists. At this juncture, Ghazi type of movies are very much necessary in the country which lifts Nationa��s spirit,A� Venkiah Naidu felt.

Ghazi movie is getting applauds from critics all over the country. The trilingual (Telugu, Tamil and Hindi) was released in Feb 1st week.

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