Unhappy With Verdict, A Man Hurls Shoe At The Judge

A man who was a witness in a murder case flung his shoe at an additional sessions judge in Delhi as he was not happy with his verdict.

New Delhi: The incidents of people hurling their shoes at politicians have become common, but a person in Delhi allegedly threw a shoe at additional sessions Judge of Saket Court. The police present in the court room took the man into custody immediately.

According to reports, Manoj, who was a witness in a murder case, unhappy with the judgment of the additional sessions judge Lokesh Kumar, flung his shoes at him angrily.

The judge was hearing an acquittala��s plea of two men accused in a murder case.A� Manoj missed his target, but the shoe landed on the judgea��s bench.

Media reports stated that Manoj, who was angry and dissatisfied with the acquittal of the accused, blamed law-officers of being biased.

When the judge was questioning a police officer, Manoj hurled the shoe at him. The police officer immediately nabbed him. Commotion was created as Manoj tried to free himself from the grip of the officer.

The Delhi police registered an FIR against Manoj for assaulting and obstructing a public servant to deter him from performing his duties.

Reports said that Manoj had the habit of obstructing the courta��s proceedings.

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