a�?Unemployment Rallya��: Defying order, TJAC prepares for face-off with police

Hyderabad: The TJAC headed by Prof. M. Kodandaram seems to have determined for a confrontation with the TRS Government as it decided to go ahead with its proposed a�?Unemployment Rallya�� within the city limits as per schedule, contrary to the orders of the court and police authorities permitting the rally on the city outskirts.

Earlier in the afternoon, the High Court granted conditional permission to the TJAC to organize its rally on the outskirts of the city at the Metro Rail ground in Nagole from 11 am to 3 pm on Wednesday after the police refused permission for holding the rally either on Osmania University campus or at Nizam College grounds. The police claimed that permission wasA�denied after the OU Vice-Chancellor had refused to allow the rally to take place at the university or Nizam College.

After the conditional permission granted by the court to hold the rally on the city outskirts in Nagole, the TJAC Steering Committee, under the chairmanship of ProfA� Kodandaram deliberated the issue at length and decided to go ahead with the rally in the city and also hold a protest meeting at Indira Park as was planned earlier.

Prof. Kodandaram expressed his anguish and surprise at the claim of the police authorities that the rally would pose a law and order problem by citing examples of similar programmes organized during the Telangana movement. He ridiculed the police for branding the TJAC members as extremist elements when the same members had participated for the separate Telangana cause.A�

Lashing out at the TRS Government for its undemocratic policies and autocratic actions, Prof. Kodandaram said the government had not even bothered to discuss the unemployment issue with the TJAC and instead was trying to crush the voice of the unemployed youth, who were deceived and denied jobs after sacrificing their career for separate Telangana State by taking part in the agitation. Pointing out that hundreds of youth and students were taken into custody while they were on their way to participate in the rally, he said come what may, they would organize the rally even if prevented and taken into custodyA�by the police. a�?We will organize the rally and protest in a peaceful and democratic manner,a�? he vowed.

Participants will face action: DCP

Meanwhile, City Central Zone Deputy Commissioner of Police Joel Davis said there was no permission for the TJAC-sponsored a�?Unemployed Rallya�? or a public meeting on Wednesday.A�

In a statement, Joel Davis appealed to the people not to come and assemble at Indira Park as prohibitory orders are in force. Those who violate the prohibitory order will be dealt with as per law. a�?I appeal to all the students not to come to Hyderabad and legal action will be taken in case of any violation.A� This will affect your future and job prospectsa�?, he warned.A�

a�?Since permission is not granted for rally/meeting, I appeal to all the people to obey the order and not to create violencea�?,A�he added. A�- NSS

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  1. Satyanarayana says:

    What happening in telangana govt India should give opportunity to kodandaramsir as a next governor of telangana

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