Ultra Light Howitzers Arrive In India

Two Ultra light howitzers have arrived in India from the US. In all 145 guns will be inducted in the army by 2021. The first batch came from Sweden (Bofors) in 1985 causing an uproar on the alleged kickbacks that ruined the reputation of Rajiv Gandhi.

New Delhi: The first two M-777 ultra light howitzers arrived in India from the US. The guns were scheduled to be delivered to India on Thursday.

According to army sources, the guns will be taken to Pokhran ranges for testing and ‘compilation of the firing tables’ for subsequent use.

Meanwhile, it is reported by a leading daily that five guns will be delivered every month and all 145 guns will be inducted by June 2021.

These guns were inducted into the army in the late 1980s’ when they were purchased from a Swedish company Bofors AB. Later, the controversy over alleged kickbacks in the deal, put all the deals for modernisation of the artillery on a back foot.

The guns that are currently being used by the US, Australian and Canadian armed forces, are largely meant for the front in China.

The M-777 is the world’s first 155 mm Howitzer weighing less than 4218 kilogrammes as titanium is used extensively in the making. The US Marine Corps and US Army selected it as their next generation medium force weapon.

It can be transported by helicopter and transporter aircraft like C-130. It uses a digital fire-control system to provide navigation, pointing and self-location, allowing it to be put into action quickly.

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