UK-Telangana Business Chamber

Telangana Legislative Council Chairman has met British MP Virendra Sharma,A� Sujit.S. Nair, Chief Coordinator, British South India Council of Commerce, at his chambers in the Council along withA� Nethi Vidya Sagar, Deputy Chairman,A� Kadiyam Srihari, Deputy Chief Minister,A� MD Mahmood Ali, Deputy Chief Minister, Nayani Narsimha Reddy, Home Minister,A� Mohd Ali Shabbir, Leader of the Opposition, Telangana Legislative Council,A� Paturi Sudhakar Reddy, Chief Whip,A� Palla Rajeshwar Reddy, Whip andA� B. Venkateshwarlu, Whip. The British legislator said they will be soon launching a UK- Telangana Business Chamber, an independent organization based in theA�UKA�to promoteA�TelanganaA�StateA�in theA�United KingdomA�and Europe.

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