Ugly Spat Between Rajamouli and Sridevi Over Baahubali

While Rajamouli expresses regrets for putting in public information about Sridevi seeking huge remuneration and making other unreasonable demands for playing Sivagami in Baahubali, the actress, whose movie Mom is just out, says it would not have been possible for her to do 300 plus films had she been unreasonable.

Hyderabad:A� The spat between Sridevi and Rajamouli, who had initially offered her the role of Sivagami in Baahubali, is turning quite unseemly. Sivagami role later went to Ramya Krishna and both Baahubali The Beginning and Baahubali 2, The Conclusion have turned out astronomical successes.

It may be recalled that the controversy peaked after Sridevi denied Rajamoulia��s statement that she had demanded a huge price and made unreasonable demands. Following her outburst, Rajamouli, in an attempt to put an end to the controversy, regretted that he should not have spoken about the issue on a public platform. The Midas touch director observed a�?it is people who should decide, but from my side, ita��s a mistake and I regret it.a�?

After Baahubali 2, The Conclusion became the biggest hit of Indian cinema, Rajamouli again tongue-in-cheek revealed that he is lucky that star artistA� Sridevi rejected to play the role of Sivagami. According to him, rejection of the role by Sridevi was due to differences regarding remuneration and several other demands, like a share in Hindi version, five-star hotel accommodation for all her people, including booking the total corridor, where she would be staying, and so on.

After watching a video of Rajamoulia��s narration of these points, Sridevi has retorted strongly. The hugely successful actress of her times and whose just released Mom has been described as a�?brutal, terrifying and riveting,a�? asserted that had she demanded huge remuneration and made several other unreasonable demands, it would not have been possible for her to do 300 plus films.

a�?It is difficult for me to stay in the industry with such types of demands.A� This kind of baseless allegations make me feel so bad,a�? Sridevi commented.

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