Ugly Face Of Factionalism In Rayalaseema Before By-Poll

Violence seems to have returned to Seema. The latest killing of YSRCP leader Narayanareddy by rivals goes to show that factionalism is raising its ugly head again.

Kurnool: Once upon a time, Rayalaseema was the hotbed of faction politics. According to police records, in the last 35 years, nearly 8,465 civilians, including 970 Congress and 560 TDP workers have been killed due to factional violence in this region.

Rayalaseema is known for its crude country bombs, hackings and gruesome murders. However, since 1980a��s it has been on the decline, though it is not completely dead. Still, in Seema factionalism rules the roost.A� The local police say that though faction groups are not active in street violence, they come to fore during elections and bidding season.

But, violence seems to have returned to Seema. The latest killing of YSRCP leader Narayanareddy by rivals is one example to say that factionalism is raising its ugly head again.

Since the timing of the murder is ahead of Nandhyal by-poll ita��s snowballing into a political controversy. The situation has turned tense before the by-poll for the Nandhyal seat. Ita��s known that the sitting MLA of Nandhyal passed away suddenly.

As YCP is said to be having a grip over the area, political analysts are forecasting its win. However, the murder of YCP leader in these circumstances has led to a big controversy.A� With Opposition Leader Jagan saying that Chandrababu is encouraging murder politics, it gave rise to a hot debate.

Jagan alleged that Deputy CM KE Krishna Murthy was behind the murder and CM Chandrababu Naidu totally cooperated, there were murmurs about Naidua��s cooperation.

The murder politics in Rayalaseema led to big debate. A lot of issues are seeing the light after the murder of Pathikonda YSRCP in charge Narayana Reddy.A� There are rumours that there was a big tiff between Narayana Reddy and Deputy CM KE Krishnamurthya��s son Syambabu, because of Narayana Reddya��s fight against sand mafia in which the court ordered an investigation. Locals are saying that Narayana Reddy requested police a number of times to give him protection as he suspected a life threat from KE family. The police who did not bother to give security took away the weapon under the garb of license renewal.A� Local sources said that due to this reason murder took place.

Jagan, who met the Governor at Hyderabad on Monday complained about the violence in AP. Later speaking to the media, he said, the system will not improve unless Chandrababu Naidu goes to jail. He criticised that Narayana Reddy was murdered because they feared about the partya��s survival. He also alleged that gun license was not renewed wantonly. As Narayana Reddy was responsible for the courta��s order against sand mafia, he was killed, alleged Jagan.

He also submitted a list of YSRCP leaders who became victims of TDPa��s treachery in the last years.

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