Two Women Accuse Trump Of Sexual Assault

Washington: Two women have alleged that Trump had sexually assaulted them. These allegations come after a sex tape was released on October 7, in which Trump was heard boasting about kissing women without their permission and touching their genitals.

Jessica Leeds, 74, a businesswoman at a paper company, told her story to The New York Times reporters, who broke the story on October 12.

Leeds said that nearly 35 years ago when she was flying on economy class to New York City that a stewardess offered her a business class seat and that she had accepted it. She said she had sat next to Donald Trump, who after about 40 minutes into the journey had begun to touch her everywhere.

“I got up and left,” she said. “He was like octopus.”

She said that she suppressed it, and it is not an active thinking everyday, but she said she couldn’t forget it.

Another women Rachael Crooks, receptionist at a real estate company, said that when she was about 21 years old she met Trump. Crook said that after shaking hands, Trump had violated her and kissed her on her mouth.

In response to the ongoing allegations, Trump tweeted, “The phony story in the failing @nytimes is a TOTAL FABRICATION. Written by people at last discredited story on women WATCH!”

The sex tape has been a controversy since its release. It has hurt Trump’s rating, and in the second presidential debate when moderator Anderson Cooper asked Trump if he had acted on the bragging he made on the tape, Trump responded, “No, I haven’t.”The present allegations pose many questions to his response on the second debate.

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