Two leaves Symbol: EC Decision Today

New Delhi: Two groups of AIDMK, one owing allegiance to the jailed Sasikala and the other led by rebel O Panneerselvam (OPS), former chief minister, will argue on the symbol case before EC today here.

Before finalising two leaves symbol as to which group it belongs to, the EC has to announce its decision on the legality of appointing Sasikala as AIDMK party’s General Secretary, whether it is in accordance with the rules and regulations as per the party constitution as amended in 2007.

RK Nagar by-poll will take place on April 12th. EC has to decide which group can use Two Leaves symbol for this election.

Saiskala group is expecting that the the symbol will be allotted to them, citing SP’s internal feud in UP as an example. The war between father and son for the symbol of cycle in recent elections held in UP, the decision was given in favour of the group that enjoyed the support of majority of MLAs. Sasikala is expecting the same in TN as she is fully enjoying the support of majority of AIDMK party MLAs.

On the other hand, OPS claims that party symbol belongs to them and electing Sasikala as General Secretary itself is a dispute and late Jayalalitha appointed him and Madhusudanan as treasurer and Presidium Chairman of the party.

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