Two Hyderabadis Drown In Vizag Sea

Two boys from Hyderabad drowned in the sea when they were swimming with four other local friends.
Two Hyderabadis Drown In Vizag Sea

Visakhapatnam: Two youths belonging to Hyderabad drowned in the sea at Rushikonda beach on Sunday in the city.

Police informed that four youngsters belonging to Hyderabad had been in the city for a few days for carrying out revamping works of a bakery. They, accompanied by two youths belonging to Visakhapatnam, went to Rushikonda beach on the morning of Sunday and wanted to have a swim.

Akbar Husain, Rahul, Nawaz and Mohiz all from Hyderabad were taken to the beach by Faizal and Usuf of Visakhapatnam. Faizal and Usuf were brothers.

All of them, excepting Mohiz, went into the waters to have a swim. Giant waves that emerged all of a sudden dragged them further into the sea killing Rahul (33) and Naval (25). On noticing the danger, Mohiz shouted for help. The life guards who were on duty on the beach jumped into the waters immediately and were able to rescue only four.

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