Twitteratti Troll Hyderabad Mayor

Hyderabad Mayor Bonthu Rammohan who expected bouquets for his good work he posted on his twitter account only got brickbats in return as the photos he posted were photoshopped and smart twitteratti realised it immediately.

Hyderabad: With smartphones giving various social media apps, the number of people using social media increased. Ita��s like a�?Saaraa duniya mutti mea�� type of situation. The smart politicians who have realised how easy it is to connect to people via these platforms are using them extensively to showcase their good work and spread their message instead of mobilising people and giving speeches. But, if they lie, they cana��t escape from trolling by the social media users.

One of the young politicians of Hyderabad, in fact, the Mayor of the city Bonthu Rammohan (TRS) shared two photographs on his twitter account to showcase his efforts towards clean city initiative. While the mayor thought he would be appreciated by his followers for the efforts, got trolled by them.

The intelligent twitteratti, which noticed the pictures were photoshopped, started bashing and trolling him for his lie. The problem is not with the Mayor but, the person who photoshopped them. While he cleaned all the trash in the area, he forgot to cut out the three people in the original image, resulting in a huge embarrassment to Rammohan.

Here are some tweets by the citizens of Hyderabad city on Mayora��s good work-

The Mayor who expected bouquets for his good work got brickbats instead. Finally, he learnt the lesson but in a hard way.

Meanwhile, the Greater Hyderabad Municipal Corporation stood in support of the Mayor and issued its official statement on WhatsApp saying, a�?Heights of sarcasm. First and the foremost, if you go through the post, the Mayor clearly said that GHMC will try to implement innovative n effective ways to clear the garbage and wish to try this method. Those photos are just suggestive. And if we can implement, the places can look like as shown in the photos. Thata��s what the mayor wanted to convey to you all. Never ever tried to say we have done this somewhere in the city. Why you guys take your own perceptions and react upon them? I strongly think one should restrain while commenting on social media. This is our explanation.a�?

Hope Rammohan will cross check everything about his a�?good worka�� before posting it.

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