TV. Mahadevan, Sasikala’s Nephew Dies Of Cardiac Arrest

Sasikala’s other nephew Mahadevan has succumbed to heart attack near Thanjavur. Sasikala has applied for parole to attend the funeral.

Chennai: Nephew of AIADMK (Amma) General Secretary Sasikala Natarajan, TV Mahadevan died of cardiac arrest around 9 am on Saturday at Kumbakonam.

According to sources, the deceased who had gone to a temple near Thanjavur complained of chest pain and was rushed to a nearby hospital at Kumbakonam where he was declared dead due to cardiac arrest.

Mahadevan has a strong hold in Trichy region and was into real estate business for a few years. Mahadevan was almost like right hand to Sasikala who took care of her during rift with OPS.

Sasikala who was in jail applied for parole to attend the funeral.

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Sasikala Files Review Petition In SC

Sasikala Natarajan, AIADMK Amma) General Secretary, has filed review petition in the apex court arguing that anti-corruption law is not applicable in her case.

New Delhi: AIDMK leader Sasikala, who is in a Bengaluru jail, filed a review petition in Supreme Court on the verdict which found her guilty and sentenced for four years of imprisonment in graft case.

Along with Sasikala, Jayalalitha’s foster son, Sudhakaran and widow of Sasikala’s elder brother, Elavarsi, also filed review petitions challenging the decision of the trial court in Karnataka.

In the 19-year old Disproportionate Assets (DA) case, the trial court has convicted all the three along with late Jayalalitha.

Sasikala, who was in jail for the past 11 weeks, said in her petition that prevention of corruption law is not applicable to her as proceedings against Amma had ended due to her demise. Irrespective of court findings, she should be set free and let her go back to TN to run the party, Sasikala felt in her petition.

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Is Sasikala Going Into Political Oblivion?

With Dinakaran going to jail and nobody else to depend upon, Sasikala’s fall seems a reality. Sasikala is slowly becoming a non-entity to the party and the people, as leaders stopped coming to her darshan at her prison.

Bengaluru: The turn of events that are taking place in AIADMK are only leading to more disappointments to Chinnama (Sasikala). She is being shattered by these events.

Sasikala, a close aide to former Chief Minister J Jayalalithaa and the party’s general secretary soon after Jaya’s death, now seems to have lost the game. The way the events are turning, there is every chance that people might forget her in the coming days.

Especially, the recent developments involving her nephew TTV Dinakaran have been a major blow to her morale that she had been keeping up from the day one at the Parappara Agrahara Prison.

According to reports, Sasikala refused to eat dinner on Tuesday night and asked jail staff to inform her about the latest news on her nephew Dinakaran. She reportedly appeared tense. Around midnight, she got the news that Dinakaran was arrested by the Delhi police for allegedly trying to bribe Election Commission of India to retain two leaves symbol. Hearing the news, she collapsed on her bed, claimed some reports.

Though she came out of her cell the next morning, she refused to have breakfast. She is a chronic diabetic patient. The jail doctors suggested her not to skip breakfast, keeping her health in view. However, Sasikala refused to heed, and reportedly said that she was not in a mood to eat anything.

A top prison official, speaking to the national channel on condition of anonymity said that there was a remarkable change in her behavior, when she came to know that the Delhi police arrested the alleged broker Sukesh Chandrashekhar. Sasikala, who appeared confident till that day, became pale once she came to know about the arrest, the official said.

Before the merger talks between OPS and EPS factions came into focus, the official said that a lot of top AIADMK leaders and ministers used to wait outside the jail just to meet Chinnamma. However, she used to meet only a few of them, as there used to be a steady flow of high-profile visitors from Chennai, he explained.

Once she was removed from the post of AIADMK general secretary, all of it came to a standstill, he said.

The officer said that not even a single visitor came to visit her in the last one week. This is making her restless, he added. She appeared confident when Dinakaran was out, she thought he would help her and keep the party in his grip. With Dinakaran’s arrest, her hopes seem to have shattered. She seemed alone and helpless, the officer said.

Meanwhile, sources say that she is still getting home-cooked food, as a local AIADMK leader took that responsibility. However, the official said that he was not sure if the home cooked food would continue to arrive at the jail in the future.

Remarking that Sasikala had never expected such turn of events, he said, she lost all her confidence. In the initial months, hundreds of AIADMK leaders from different parts of Tamil Nadu used to visit her to express their solidarity. But now, the flow has literally stopped, he said.

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Fast Decisions By TN Government Post-Sasikala

The Intelligence chief who was shunted out immediately after EPS took over as CM was appointed in the same post after ouster of Sasikala.

Chennai: Keeping pace with the fast changing political developments in Tamil Nadu, the reversal of decisions taken earlier is also quickly taking place.  The EPS government which refused to continue K N Satyamurthy, as Intelligence chief two months ago, appointed him in the same post now.

The then newly appointed Palanyswamy government shunted out Satyamurthy from the post of Intelligence chief and appointed Davidson in his place. Incidentally, Davidson had earlier served as an IG- Intelligence for a few months in 2015. Thus on February 13, after being shunted out  K.N Sathyamurthy went on leave.

After the stage was set to oust Sasikala and her nephew Dinakaran from the party, the government’s  additional Principal Secretary Niranjan Mardi announced the appointment of Satyamurthy as IG intelligence.

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Sasikala: Centre’s Unseen Hand In The Fall Of Mannargudi Family

The blow by blow account of the fall of Sasikala and an unseen thread in the series of the bizarre developments in Tamil Nadu politics? Is Modi setting the tune?

New Delhi: Is there a method in the madness being witnessed in Tamil Nadu politics? Is the BJP fishing in troubled waters in Chennai? Is there any invisible force that has been making the democratic institutions work in tandem with the powers that be to disable Sasikala in her strategy to grab power and properties that belonged to Jayalalithaa?

A line is certainly discernible if one looks at the series of developments that took place from the day J Jayalalithaa was taken to Apollo Hospitals in August last year. One can list the series of happenings for better understanding and draw one’s own conclusions.

1) Sasikala did not allow any visitor, including Chief Minister O Panneerselvam (OPS) and Union Minister M Venkaiah Naidu, to see Jayalalithaa at Apollo. Sasikala’s husband Natarajan, nephew Dinakaran and other members of the notorious ‘Mannargudi Mafia’ who were thrown out by Jayalalithaa had returned to her Poes Garden residence when she was at hospital.

2) After Jayalalithaa breathed her last, OPS was allowed by Sasikala to continue be the Chief Minister. He was given oath of office by acting Governor C Vidya Sagar Rao in a ceremony that was kept under wraps.

3) Sasikala imitates Jayalalithaa by emerging into the balcony of Poes Garden building just as the former Chief Minister used to do and waive briefly at the followers waiting on the roads and move back in a slow, dignified steps  into the house. People started talking about Chinnamma in place of Amma who is no more.

4) Sasikala gets herself elected as General Secretary of AIADMK and sits in Jayalalithaa’s chair at the party office.

5) Sasikala manages to make OPS submit his resignation for the post of Chief Minister. OPS proposes her name as leader of AIADMK legislature party. She decides the date and time of her swearing-in as Chief Minister without consulting the acting Governor.

6) Governor Rao develops cold feet and stays out in Mumbai for four days when hectic political activity was going on in Chennai. Then he visits Delhi to attend a wedding, meets Home Minister Rajnath Singh and goes back to Mumbai. Sasikala and her supporters become restive. They start making comments against the Centre.

7) Income Tax sleuths raid the residences and offices of Sekhar Reddy, a contractor and a member of TTD, and his friends. The IT officials cease  ₹ 100 crore of cash in ₹2,000 notes. Reddy, who is considered close to Sasikala, was taken into custody. The residences of Government Chief Secretary Rama Mohan Rao and his son were raided and incriminating documents were reportedly confiscated.

8) OPS goes to Marina beach and sits in meditation at Jayalalithaa’s memorial. After that he tells media persons that he was forced to give his resignation and he is prepared to take it back.

He expressed doubts about the role of Sasikala and her relatives in Jayalalithaa’s demise. He says a full- fledged probe is essential to establish truth

9) Sasikala organised a camp at a garden resort in the outskirts of Chennai where more than 120 AIADMK MLAs were lodged. The MLAs were made incommunicado by taking away their mobiles. Lok Sabha Deputy Speaker Thambi Dorai supports Sasikala Group.

10) Governor Rao returns to Chennai. The EC disputed the election of Sasikala as General Secretary of the party since it was not in accordance with the party constitution. Governor meets OPS and then Sasikala. OPS requests the Governor to give him an opportunity to withdraw his resignation and time to prove his majority. Allegations of FERA (Foreign Exchange Regulation Act) violation levelled against Dinakaran, a nephew of Sasikala. Governor decides to invite Sasikala faction to form Government.

11) The Supreme Court of India takes up a pending case of Disproportionate Assets against Jayalalithaa and Sasikala. SC pronounces Sasikala guilty and sentences her for four years of imprisonment. The apex court does not give its pronouncement on Jayalalithaa since she is no more.

12) Her hopes to take over the administration along with the party, a la Jayalalithaa, dashed, Sasikala goes for Plan-B and gets E Palani Swamy (EPS) nominated as leader of AIADMK legislature party. Governor Rao administers oath to EPS and al the ministers that were there in Jaya’s Cabinet except OPS. EPS was given ten days to prove his majority on the floor of the House. The Chief Ministers offers to move confidence motion much earlier than the deadline.

13) Madhusudanan, chairman of the party’s presidium, crosses to OPS camp with a couple of MLSs who escaped from the resort. Some more MLAs and MPs declare their allegiance to OPS. But Sasikala has large number of the MLAs who constitute a majority in the Assembly.

14) Sasikala appoints her nephew Dinakaran as Deputy General Secretary of the party before going to Bengaluru jail. OPS objects. But the official group headed by EPS accepts.

15) EPS wins confidence vote without any difficulty. OPS could not muster numbers beyond single digit. But there was a public disapproval and anger that was perceptible. OPS is seen as a genuine successor to Jayalalithaa whom the founder of the party trusted. Film celebrity Kamal Hassan makes no bones about his opposition to Sasikala faction and support to OPS.

16) The EC announced by-election schedule for RK Puram constituency in the city which has fallen vacant on account of Jayalalithaa’s death. The polling was scheduled on April 12. The EPS faction, which is called AIADMK ( Amma) fields Dinakaran as its candidate. Madhusudansn files his nomination as a candidate sponsored by OPS who is heading the faction called AIADMK (Purutchi Talaivi). Jayalalithaa’s niece Deepa Jayakumar also enters the fray. She planned to launch a party but gave  up the idea when her brother opposed it. She canvasses in the name of Jayalalithaa. The Income Tax authorities conduct raids and confiscate cash being distributed to the voters. Tamil Nadu Health Minister Vijaya Kumar’s residence and office were searched. ₹ 5 crore were found with the Minister. A total of ₹ 100 crore were found in the hands of various operators who were distributing money at the rate of ₹4,000 per voter. The EC had concluded that Dinakaran has bribed about 80 percent of the RK Nagar’s voters. The election was postponed.

17) The EC was about to give its decision on the election symbol of two leaves when a broker by name Sukhesh Chandrashekhar of Bengaluru origin was taken into custody by the police in a 5-Star hotel in South Delhi with a cash amounting to ₹1.3 crore. Sukhesh has reportedly told the police that the money was given by Dinakaran as part of a deal to bribe the EC and get two leaves symbol for him. The police have later confirmed that the actual amount agreed upon was ₹ 50 crore and they have also identified an official of the EC who was supposed to have been bribed. The arrest and prosecution of Dinakaran is on the cards.

18) Dinakaran has gone to Bengaluru on Tuesday to meet his aunt Sasikala who has been languishing in jail. He has not been allowed to meet her. But in Chennai, a revolt by Sasikala loyalists was brewing back home. There were reports on Monday itself suggesting that the Chief Minister and his Cabinet colleagues were keen on dislodging the tainted duo of Sasikala and Dinakaran from their heads and reconstitute the party by purging the aunt and nephew. There were moves afoot for a dialogue between EPS and OPS so that a merger can take place and the party is saved and the election  symbol restored. A Cabinet Inister has told the media that talks are going on in this direction. A committee will constituted for a constructed discussion.

19) OPS addresses a media conference on Tuesday and lays two conditions for merger talk. The first condition was that Sasikala and Dinakaran should be dumped altogether. The second condition was to get the death of Jayalalithaa thoroughly probed.

20) Dinakaran comes up with a formula according to which he would quit from the post of Deputy General Secretary of the party and Sasikala would continue to be the party chief. He was particular that there should be no compromise with OPS.

21)The Cabinet members and other important leaders of the ruling group meet under the chairmanship of EPS for three hours. The official group accepts the first condition of OPS, that is to oust Sasikala and Dinakaran from the party. The second condition should not be difficult to accept.

22) After a lookout notice was issued on Wednesday to prevent Dinakaran from leaving the country, he alleged that everything is part of the larger conspiracy by the BJP. He said he would abide by the decisions taken by the party.

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Sasikala To Be Dumped: EPS, OPS On Merger Mode

AIADMK is once again in a turmoil which may result in the ouster of Sasikala and Dinakaran and merger of both the factions.

Chennai: A massive twist is taking place in AIADMK potboiler making the Tamil drama more and more absorbing. It seems the endgame has started for Sasikala who is lodged in a Bengaluru jail. Sasikala and her nephew TTV Dinakaran have been cornered by the majority of the AIADMK MLAs. They made it clear on Tuesday that they would go with Chief Minister E Palani Samy (EPS) and former Chief Minister O Panneerselvam (OPS).

The Cabinet met for three hours on Tuesday evening and decided to oust Sasikala and her coterie from the party. Finance Minister Vijayakumar announced that it was an unanimous decision. Twenty Ministers have decided to dump the aunt-nephew duo. They have realised that the party cannot carry the burden of the corruption charges faced by Sasikala and Dinakaran.

It means the end of the reign of Mannargudi Mafia.
OPS who landed in Chennai in the afternoon has put forth two conditions for talks with EPS group on the the question of merger. The first condition was that Sasikala and her relatives should be out of the party. The second condition was that there should be a probe in to the circumstances that led to J Jayalalithaa’s death. The first condition was almost conceded by the ruling faction. It remains to be seen what kind of understanding will emerge in the talks between the groups headed by EPS and OPS. It is clear that the BJP is in favour of OPS leading the State.

Even now, about 20 MLSs are said to be loyal to Sasikala. Their number has been dwindling by hour. Dinakaran has floated a formula in the afternoon according to which he would resign from the position of Deputy General Secretary of the party and Sasikala would continue as the General Secretary. But it was not accepted by the ruling faction of the AIADMK.

The same leaders who ‘elected’ Sasikala as General Secretary of AUADMK now says the election was a fraud. They argue that the 1.5 crore workers of the party should elect the GS. The move to remove Sasikala and her supporters is backed by 122 MLAs. The AIADMK has a total strength of 138 MLAs as against 87 MLAs of the DMK. The magic number needed for a Government to survive is 118. Things have started boiling after Dinakaran was accused of trying to bribe an official of the Election Commission of India. An alleged friend of Dinakaran, Sukhesh Chandrashekhar, was caught by the police at a 5-Star hotel in South Delhi with a cash of ₹ 1.3 crore. Dinakaran was also accused of distributing money to the voters of RK Nagar constituency where a by-poll should have taken place on April 12. The by-election has since been postponed following reports that some ₹ 100 crore was distributed to the voters in the constituency where Dinakaran is a candidate of AIADMK (Amma).

Thambi Dorai, Deputy Speaker of Lok Sabha, who asked Sasikala to take over as Chief Minister before she went to jail, has changed his stance. He is now one of those leaders who are demanding that Sasikala and her mafia should be ousted from the party. So is the case with Vijay Kumar, Finance Minister, who was a staunch supporter of Sasikala and now the leader of the group of Ministers baying for her blood.

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OPS Attacks Sasikala-Dinakaran Duo, Says They Must Go

OPS said on Tuesday that the Sasikala-Dinakaran duo must go for the sake of the party’s unity. He reiterated that he would get Jaya’s death probed.

Chennai: “Amma-MGR legacy is most important for us,” said former Chief Minister O Panneerselvam (OPS) here on Tuesday. He said that there is legitimate evidence to prove that TTV Dinakaran bribed the voters of KR Nagar. OPS told media persons that Dinakaran also tried to bribe the Election Commission. He said they don’t want a family to run the party and the Government. The party works for the people and not for the family. He reiterated that he would get the circumstances that led to the demise of J Jayalalithaa probed. The doubts must be cleared and truth established, he affirmed.

OPS has reminded that Amma had sacked Sasikala and Dinakaran when she felt they were misusing the proximity they enjoyed with her. All the members of Sasikala’s family, derisively called Mannargudi Mafia, were thrown out of Poes Garden. The gangsters entered Jaya’s residence only after her death. He said ‘Amma’s legacy is foremost for us.’  He said Amma’s betrayer will have to go. ‘We wish to follow Anna’s path,’ he reaffirmed.

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Operation ‘Dump Sasikala’ Is In Works In TN

The Tamil Badu political drama continues to unfold with a new dimension being added every now and then. A move to distance Sasikala and Dinakaran from the party and Government in order to achieve unity is afoot.

Chennai: Tamil Nadu Chief Minister E Palanisamy (EPS) and former Chief Minister O Panneerselvam (OPS) have been actively considering the merger of the two factions in order to achieve unity and also the election symbol of the AIADMK, the two leaves.

The primary condition put forward by OPS for a merger was that Sasikala and her nephew TTV Dinakaran must be kept away from the party as well as the Government. OPS has got the backing of 12 MLAs and 12 MPs. He is also popular in Tamil Nadu as he is perceived as a leader who stood for J Jayalalithaa whenever she had legal problem. He is considered as a greater loyalist, than Sasikala, of Jayalalithaa. The fact that he opposed Sasikala and Dinakaran had enhanced his popular image as the general public have only contempt for the aunt and the nephew.

Sengottaiyan, a minister, told media persons on Tuesday morning that negotiations on merger would start in a formal way very soon. The ‘dump Sasikal’ slogan is catching up. The leaders of EPS and OPS factions have realised that with the two tainted persons, Sasikala as party’s general secretary, and Dinakaran, deputy general secretary, in control of the party, there is no future for them. They are concerned about the coming elections.

Stalin, acting president of opposition DMK, is naturally upset with the merger talks. He criticised the ruling party for bringing the Government to a standstill.

EPS cannot afford to be seen as distancing from Sasikala at this juncture. She has her hold on the MLAs. The CM has an emergency meeting with his Cabinet colleagues. The drama in Tamil Nadu politics continues unabated with new twists and turns taking place by the hour.

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Revolt Against Sasikala, Dinakaran To Save The Party

Revolt against Sasikala and her nephew Dinakaran is brewing in the official group of the AIADMK. The Ministers are keen on asking Sasikala and Dinakaran to step down from positions in order to save the party.

Aruna Neela

Chennai: AIADMK (Amma-Sasikala)’s image has been tarnished with one scandal after the other. The latest bribegate that exploded in the face of Dinakaran has provoked senior politicians into revoking against the family that controls the party.

AIADMK (Sasikala) faction is being haunted by accusations and allegations either by the other faction of the party or the opposition. Amidst the allegations, rumours are rife that leaders belonging to Sasi faction want the family to resign from  their party posts. There is a revolt in making.

After ‘cash for votes’ scandal which led to countermanding of RK Nagar by-poll,  things have taken a serious turn when allegations were levelled against Sasi’s nephew and party deputy general secretary TTV Dinakaran bribed officials to get two leaves symbol. The Delhi crime branch police has booked Dinakaran in the bribery case.

The Election Commission froze the party symbol ‘two leaves’ ahead of RK Nagar by-poll as both the factions claimed it and there was a clamour by  each faction claiming to be  the real legatee of Late CM J Jayalalithaa. In this context, a mediator named Sukhesh Chandrasekhar assured Sasi faction that they can keep the symbol if he was paid Rs. 60 crores. Dinakaran is said to be in direct touch with the accused and handed him the money to pay to the officials. Sukhesh is supposed to be close to politicians in not only Tamil Nadu but also in Karnataka, Andhra Pradesh. Police arrested him earlier also for cheating people. Hence, he was arrested and questioned by the Delhi police.

The accused in the case would be produced in the court by police on Monday.The police recovered Rs. 1.3 crores from the accused.

With both factions fought desperately to retain the party symbol before the Election Commission froze the symbol. As the EC refused to allocate the symbol to any of the factions, they resorted to various means to make their symbols look similar to the original party symbol. The Sasi faction denying allegations of bribery demanded proof.

However, the State Election Commission said they’ve not received any report. The Election Commission in Delhi is supposed to meet both the factions of the party on Monday. But on the eve of the latest developments, one has to wait and see what the EC would do now.

Meanwhile, there are rumours that the senior leaders in the Sasi faction are rebelling against Sasi and Dinakaran and gave two days for them to quit their party posts in AIADMK.

The leaders want to unite both factions of the party, as the split is costing the party dearly. The leaders told the media that they would be meeting Dinakaran on Tuesday to ask both him and his aunt to step down from the party posts.

The senior ministers and leaders who were worried about the party’s image being badly hit and tarnished want to patch up things with Panneerselvam camp to save the party.

Once Sasikala leaves the party, Pannerselvam will not have a problem to come back into the party, said one of the ministers. The minister also said that once the family is sidelined, discussions with Panneer camp would be launched.

Just a day after the demand by leaders was made, the issue of bribery came into light. Probably things would go easier for them in light of new developments.

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Dinakaran Accused Of Bribing The EC For Two Leaves

Dinakaran, Sasikala’s nephew, has been booked by the Delhi’s police for bribing the Election Commission. What is the main allegation?

Chennai/ New Delhi: AIADMK (Amma) General Secretary Sasikala has been accused of encouraging her aide to bribe the Election Commission for retaining the ‘two leaves’ symbol. One person was arrested and an amount of Rs 1.3 crore has been recovered from him. The accused, Sukhebdra Chandrashekhar, has named Sasikala’s nephew Dinakaran in connection with bribery. Chandrashekhar said the money belongs to Dinakaran.

The Delhi police have started investigations against TTV Dinakaran who is a candidate in RK Nagar Assembly by-poll and also the Assistant General Secretary of AIADMK (Amma). Dinakaran. He was booked in bribery scandal.

Dinakaran was earlier accused of bribing the voters by paying Rs. 4,000 for a voter. The RK Nagar by-poll has been postponed due to this scandal. The battle for ‘two leaves’ election symbol appears crucial for both Sasikala and O Panneerselvam camps. The Tamil Nadu’s Crime Branch will be sending a report to the Election Commission of India. The bureaucrats who are supposed to be close to Sasikala group are also being scanned by the investigating agencies.

Sukhesh Chandrashekhar is a notorious character and he has several fraud and cheating cases. He is reportedly close to politicians in Tamil Nadu, Andhra Pradesh and Karnataka. Sukhesh has been arrested by the Delhi police.

The EC has been having issues with Sasikala and her nephew Dinakaran. The EC said earlier that Sasikala’s elevation to the position of party General Secretary is not according to the party’s constitution and hence invalid. The Supreme Court sentenced Sasikala in the Disproportionate Assets case and she was sent to a jail in Bengaluru. Her repeated requests for shifting to Chennai jail have not been accepted by the courts. Sasikala who tried to grab the political legacy as well as the huge properties belonging to J Jayalalithaa, including the Poes Garden residence. Now, on the day when the EC is scheduled to give its decision in the election symbol of ‘two leaves’, the bribe scandal has broken out.

Dinakaran has claimed that he has no connection with the money confiscated or the middleman accused of bribing the EC. He claimed that false allegations are being made against him. He said he would be meeting Sasikala in the course of the day. The Delhi police have filed an FIR (First Information Report) in a court in Delhi against Dinakaran.

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IT Raids Shock Sasikala’s Camp

Sarath Kumar, who recently extended his support to Saiskala camp, became another victim to this IT raids

Chennai: Sensational thing are happening in Jayalalithaa’s State on the eve of by-election in her constituency, RK Nagar here. Sasikala’s camp was shocked with IT raids on Tamil Nadu Health Minister Vijayabhaskar and actor-turned-politician Sarath Kumar ahead of RK Nagar by-poll which was scheduled on April 12th.

Raids which started at 6 am were going on till the afternoon. The places that were raided included properties of Vijayabhaskar at 34 locations. Main allegations against him were distributing cash for voters to vote for AIDMK. Video with 45 sec went viral in social media with three persons belonging to AIADMK distributing money to vote for the ruling party’s candidate and Sasikala’s nephew Dinakaran.

RK Nagar by-poll became necessary due to demise of late Jayalalithaa on 5 December 2026. Dinakaran had rubbished the allegations which are fabricated by the DMK.

Sarath Kumar, who recently extended his support to Saiskala camp, became another victim to this IT raids. Raids wre conducted in Trichy, Poddukottai and in Ministers Estate and details have not been disclosed yet.

As per Tax officials, it was Vijaykumar, who played key role in distributing money to the people of the constituency. All parties took by-poll as a prestige with OPS and Sasikala camps along with Deepa claiming Jaya’s real legacy.
A number of ministers have descended on Vijayabhaskar’s residence. Sasikala’s followers accused the NDA government of trying to finish the party. They said there are a number of allegations against DMK and the group headed by O Panneerselvam pending with the Election Commissio. But the Centre is acting only on the complaints received against the AIADMK owing allegiance to Sasikala, they pointed out.

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Flouting Rules Is Easy For Her

According to the records, former MP, Telugu Desam Party MLC Magunta Srinivasula reddy was amongst the people who met Sasikala.

Bengaluru: For All India Anna Dravida Munnetra Kazhagam(AIADMK)  leader V K Sasikala, rules are only meant for breaking. Though convicted in the disproportionate assets case, she refuses to fall in line.

Sasikala who is serving four year jail sentence in central prison Parappana Agrahara after being convicted in the disproportionate assets case met visitors 12 times in a month, while the rules allow such meetings once in fifteen days, revealed a Right to Information (RTI) query.

The visitors who met Sasikala included her nephews TTV Dinakaran, Vivek J and Lok Sabha Deputy Speaker Thambidurai. A prominent daily citing the prison records said that though Dinakaran met Sasikala twice, their interaction lasted over 45 minutes. She met all these people between February 16th to March 18th.

According to the records, former MP, Telugu Desam Party MLC Magunta Srinivasula reddy was amongst the people who met Sasikala.

An activist named Narasimha Murthy filed the RTI application and sought the details. Though the officials were reportedly unavailable to comment about the issue, its reported that prison officials suggested that the jailer can use discretion in this regard.

While under trials are entitle to meet visitors once a week as per the Karnataka Prison Manual and Karnataka Prison Rules, convicted people can only have visitors once in a fortnight.

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Sasikala Kept Aside By AIADMK For RK Nagar By-poll

Chennai: Sasikala, General Secretary of AIADMK, now in Jail as a convict in DA case, was set aside by party leaders for RK Nagar by-polls for various reasons.

AIADMK party cadre strongly feels that Chennai voters are anti-Chinnamma as they still believe Sasikala is one of the factors in Amma’s demise. They have sympathy for OPS. Knowing this, AIADMK took care by removing Sasikala’s face and name in posters during election campaign. We can see only late MGR’s and Jayalalithaa’s images displayed in their campaign.

T.Dinakaran, nephew of Sasikala and the candidate of the AIDMK, is said to be scared of using her image on posters and pamphlets, according to AUADMK rival camp candidate (OPS group) E.Madhusudhanan. Whatever may be the reason, Chennai people’s perception is that Chinnamma was responsible for Amma’s death. Surprisingly, posters outside Chennai still feature Sasikala’s image. This is what is called survival and hypocritical strategy, according to political analysts in TN. They will worship Chinnamma once the elections were over, analysts say.

AIADMK has released party’s manifesto on Monday. It included Annadurai, MGR and Amma’s images. This is a conscious decision to simplify things, felt another political analyst.

Sasikala and her family, in the perception of Chennai voters, particularly the youth, are a negative factor as far as this by-election is concerned. The people feel that Sasikala cannot succeed Jayalalithaa in popular esteem. Sasikala faced severe criticism after Amma’s death. Even today, many are of the view that OPS should have been continued as CM since he was a true loyalist of Amma.

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Sasikala Gets ‘Hat’, OPS ‘Electric Pole’

New Delhi: in their fight for late J Jayalalithaa’s RK Nagar seat as well as her political legacy, the warring factions have come up with slight variations in the name of the party. Since the Election Commission on Wednesday disallowed both the factions from using the name of the party and its election symbol, two leaves, they submitted their proposals to the EC. While the faction headed by former Chief Minister O Panneerselvam (OPS) changed the name to Amma AIADMK and the official faction led by Sasikala Natarajan as AIADMK Amma.

The EC ultimately granted the name, AIADMK Puratchi Talaivi Amma. The election symbol OPS faction got is ‘electric Pole’. The Sasikala group was granted the namer, AIADMK Amma and the election symbol of ‘hat’.

The by-poll for RK Nagar seat will be held on April 12. It was necessitated on account of Jayalalithaa’s death on 5 December 2016. E Madhusudanan is the candidate being fielded by OPS group while Sasikala’s nephew Dinakaran is in the fray on behalf of Sasikala group. Jayalalithaa’s niece Deepa Jayakumar is contesting as an independent. Gangai Samaram is the BJP candidate.

In the meanwhile super star Rajinikanth has issued a statement on Thursday saying that he would be neutral in the elections. This clarification was needed in the light of the BJP candidate meeting the legendary actor.

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Two leaves Symbol: EC Decision Today

New Delhi: Two groups of AIDMK, one owing allegiance to the jailed Sasikala and the other led by rebel O Panneerselvam (OPS), former chief minister, will argue on the symbol case before EC today here.

Before finalising two leaves symbol as to which group it belongs to, the EC has to announce its decision on the legality of appointing Sasikala as AIDMK party’s General Secretary, whether it is in accordance with the rules and regulations as per the party constitution as amended in 2007.

RK Nagar by-poll will take place on April 12th. EC has to decide which group can use Two Leaves symbol for this election.

Saiskala group is expecting that the the symbol will be allotted to them, citing SP’s internal feud in UP as an example. The war between father and son for the symbol of cycle in recent elections held in UP, the decision was given in favour of the group that enjoyed the support of majority of MLAs. Sasikala is expecting the same in TN as she is fully enjoying the support of majority of AIDMK party MLAs.

On the other hand, OPS claims that party symbol belongs to them and electing Sasikala as General Secretary itself is a dispute and late Jayalalitha appointed him and Madhusudanan as treasurer and Presidium Chairman of the party.

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Another Filmy Twist In Jayalalithaa’s Story

Chennai: The sudden death of Jayalalithaa, politicians expressing doubts about her treatment, and the turns and twists that followed can make a thriller if any directed is interested in filmi g the episodes that shook Tamil Nadu.

The story is not yet over. Here comes another character, a resident of Erode by Name Krishnamoorthy, who claims that Jayalalithaa is his mother.

Most interesting point in this story is that he gave a clue and a reason for Jayalalithaa’s death. It’s Sasikala who killed Jayalalitha by pushing her from stairs at Jaya’s residence at Poes Garden. He lodged a complaint too at a Chennai Police Station saying that his mother was killed.. According to him, he was brought up by Amma’s friend by name Anithamani.

Krishnamurthy says he went to Poes Garden to see Jayalalithaa when she was sick and stayed there for four days from Sep 14th to 18th last year. Jayalalithaa promised him that she will reveal the secret to the world once she gets well.

Sasikala and Jayalalithaa had a verbal argument on this issue and the former pushed Amma from the stairs, he alleged. It is due to fear of Sasikala that he kept quiet all these days, Krishnamoorthy said.

He approached Chief Secretary of Tamil Nadu Government stating that he is the real heir to Amma’s property.

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Deepa Launches Party on Jaya’s Birth Anniversary

Chennai: Late J Jayalalithaa’s niece Deepa Jayakumar announced formation of a new political party in Tamil Nadu. She declared war on the ruling party headed by Sasikala. She unveiled the party flag. The name of the party or forum is ‘ MGR Amma Deepa Peravai’. A torch, MGR and Jayalalithaa figured on the flag. She hopes to unite anti-Sasikala groups. She did not rule out tied with O Panneerselvam, former CM.

Late Jayalalithaa’s 69th birthday was observed across Tamil Nadu with feasts, distributing food to the poor along with the fight over her legacy.

Sasikala’s proxy, CM E Palaniswamy made it look different by announcing welfare schemes and planting saplings. He also announced 69 lakh saplings with a budget of 66 crores to increase green cover, in and around Government premises.

O Pannerselvam, who fought for legacy until he lost the battle in Trust vote, gave welfare assistance to people of Thondiarpet of North Chennai.  But there were digs at each other during these celebrations like Pannerselvam demanding once again that  judicial enquiry on AMMA’s death be conducted.

Chinnamma Sasiakala, who was in jail in Disproportionate Assets (DA) case, wrote a letter to party cadre that after spending 33 years as an aide to Amma, now feeling lonely in a jail with her memories revolving round her.

Deepa, Jaya’s niece, reiterated that she will be contesting in the by-election from R.K.Nagar constituency and Amma’s rule will be re-established in the state. Her meeting with OPS was just a symbol of mutual respect and  she will fight alone in the elections, Deepa added.

Deepak Jayakumar, nephew of Late Amma, raised his voice against Sasikala for appointing Dhinakaran  as AIDMK  Deputy General Secretary. Dhinakaran  was supposed to be a proxy to Sasikalafelt that Dinakaran is not fit for that post, he said.

Jayakumar said OPS should have appointed in place of Dhinakaran. Jayalalitha expired  on Dec 5th and  the fight for her legacy is still running even on the day  of her 69th birthday.

Since Friday morning crowds swelled at the residence of Deepa. She said in a press conference that she believed Jayalalithaa was innocent in DA case.

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Why are we obsessed with politics?


smr new

Madhusudhana Rao S

On the day India scaled new heights in space with the launch of 104 satellites in one shot, on February 15, the accomplishment was rivaled or even dwarfed by the ongoing political drama in Tamil Nadu. For media persons, whether they are in print journalism or on digital platforms, including the TV, both events were top stories – with a difference. While ISRO’s mission was over in a matter of one hour, the dramatic political developments in Tamil Nadu continued for another 24 hours until the Governor invited Edappadi K Palaniswami, the tainted chief minister aspirant Sasikala’s proxy, to form the government.

So, which story should take precedence over the other? On such occasions, newspapers, generally, won’t have any problem in giving equal importance to both by devoting a quarter of the top half page to each news item. But the problem arises with TV channels and online media which have to keep updating by the minute for ratings and hits. In the morning news bulletins, while ISRO hogged the limelight, by sundown, it was Tamil Nadu all the way and by nightfall, all the TV channels were showing Sasikala’s mysterious prayer at Jayalalithaa’s grave at Marina Beach and her inexplicable action of smack-banging  her mentor’s final resting place with her palm.

No doubt, Tamil Nadu developments, in real time, have been dramatic in the last three-four months and as captivating as a Tamil soap. But should they seize all of our time and space in newspapers? To put it the other way, should regional political skullduggery become the staple of our 24X7 news channels all the time? In fact, news bulletins in every language are pronouncedly political and the raucous debates that follow are either convoluted or coloured opinions. How ISRO and Tamil Nadu were featured, projected and discussed in the media in general and on the TV in particular on February 15 illustrate this point.

On the day the world applauded India’s space feat — constant critic China said ‘this is perhaps the first widely followed world record India has made in the field of space technology and gives food for thought to others’ – most of our TV channels were debating who would be the next chief minister of Tamil Nadu and Sasikala’s bed and breakfast in Bangalore jail. A few anchors had gone to the extent of describing how much quantity of food would be given to her and at what time and her nature of work during incarceration. To boot, they had legal and civilian opinions about her filing a review petition in the apex court and how successfully she can run Tamil Nadu through her nominated successor sitting in prison.

Though none has any doubt about it – we have many precedents – the whole scenario is bizarre. The Supreme Court has upheld the verdict of lower court which found Jayalalithaa, Sasikala and others guilty of amassing wealth disproportionate to the known sources of income. That means the culprits have to serve the jail sentences and pay the fines imposed by the apex court. If everyone is equal before the law, why should Sasikala be given a privileged treatment? There is no rational explanation.

We are adept at adopting double standard and it applies much more to political classes and their cohorts. Over the years, corrupt practices have been perfected at different levels and evolved into various manifestations. So, when a political heavyweight or an ambitious power-hungry person loses the prospect of occupying a seat of power, it will have a cascading effect on others surrounding the person. In such a situation, it is difficult to accept the harsh reality.

In Sasikala’s case, although power ambitions and corruption charges are inextricably linked, making a virtue of both is hypocrisy. Still, the debaters with the blessings of TV channels, love to rant and pontificate about turncoats, defectors, political horse-traders, etc, all in the name of democracy. Or, is it in the name of Amma’s legacy or her voice?

The 24X7 emphasis on politics is a reflection of our obsession with politics and their players of every hue. The result is developments in other fields are relegated to backburner or noted for record sake or summarily dismissed as irrelevant and unimportant.  

When we look at ISRO’s achievement, it was given, of course, due importance. But, how many TV channels, particularly regional, had explained its importance and relevance to the viewers? For that matter, why are we marching ahead in space, not on the ground? Ironically, India is a Third World country in all human development indices and the country’s rankings in some key areas are well below those of least developed countries whereas in space sciences and research India is among the top five in the world.

The dichotomy is appalling. Why and where are we going wrong? Can’t the mass media do its bit to educate the people on socio-economic developments, our own scientific progress and other  such issues instead of running hours of silly political debates?

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  1. Anonymous says:

    It is secular media gives preference to this type of regional political news instead national pride news. Yesterday at 1pm I saw three telugu TV channels one Tv9 & Ntv both they gave at their prime time news first preference to sasikala surrendering the least preference to PSLV ‘s achievement news. but ETV they gave first news PSLV achievement news & last preference news was sasikala’s.

    • Anonymous says:

      Excellent article Madhusudhan Garu, when will our media learn about giving preference to society rather than running back of political leaders.

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Sasikala, a property tax defaulter in Hyderabad

Hyderabad: Sasikala Natarajan of Tamil Nadu, who was convicted in a disproportionate assets case by the apex court, was also found to be a property tax defaulter in Hyderabad.

The Secunderabad Cantonment Board, which has started a  drive to collect the pending taxes by March,  has sent  a notice to Sasikala to pay tax arrears for   the Plot  No. 16 in Marredpally, as the house was  registered in her  name,  and  tax had not been paid for two years, amounting to Rs.35,424. According to locals, Sasikala and late Jayalalithaa used to stay in the house whenever they were in Hyderabad, and the house was purchased in 1990 along with the property of JJ Gardens farm house near Zeedimetla. It is said that somebody was residing in the house on rent earlier, and it has been vacant for the last four years.  NSS

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Sasikala Anoints Nephew In Top Party Post Before Going To Jail

Chennai: Appointment of TTV Dinakaran as Deputy General Secretary of AIADMK by Sasikala is a very important development. It means all Sasikala relatives who were expelled by J.Jayalalithaa from her residence at Poes Garden in 2011 have staged a comeback.

Sasikala has been having parallel relationship with her family members while physically living at Jayalalithaa’s home.  She brought her husband back even while Jayalalithaa was in hospital.

The decision to bring her husband and nephews back to Poes Garden will go against Sasikala. Those who love Jayalalithaa hate Natarajan and his relatives. They believe that all the allegations of corruption against Jayalalithaa were in account of the accesses commuted by Natarajan during her first term. They think Jayalalithaa had to go to jail because of Sasikala and her relatives. Even the MLAs who were in Sasikala camp would have second thoughts when they realise that they have to take orders from Dinakaran who is known as a highly corrupt person. He was penalised for violating FERA regulations and he paid the penalty. He is a permanent national of Singapore and not India. A person with a criminal background and who is part of Mannargudi mafia has been appointed to the top party post which is next only to Sasikala. It is clear that she would be calling the shots from the jail. She appointed her nephew as a balancing force to E Palanisamy (EP).  EP himself is  strong leader who could have consolidated his position in the absence of Sasikala.

Sasikala was curtly told by a judge of the Supreme Court on Wednesday  that ‘immediately’ means ‘at once’ and she should surrender before Karnataka special court immediately and go to jail. A lawyer had requested the judge to allow some time for Sasikala before surrender. The lawyer was told that Sasikala should surrender immediately.

Following the comment by the SC judge, Sasikala left Poes Garden for Bangaluru by road and stopped in the way at Marina beach to pay respects at Jayalalithaa’s memorial. E Palanisamy, a Sasikala groupie who was elected as leader of the AIADMK legislature party, met Governor C Vidyasagar Rao on Tuesday and requested him to administer oath of office.

The Governor is expected to take a decision in a day or two. He has a number of factors to take into account. He can straight away ask EP to take oath and prove his majority on the floor of Assembly.  Nobody can find fault with that decision. In fact, it would be the proper thing to do since EP is backed by more that 110 MLAs. The Governor can also ask the acting CM, O Panneerselvam (OPS), to prove his majority on the floor of the House. But it would not be constitutionally appropriate to give an opportunity to an acting CM to prove his strength. Yet another option before the Governor is to have an open session and conduct a secret ballot to decide who enjoys majority. It remains to be seen which option the Governor go for.

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RGV tweets but this time on Sasikala

Hyderabad: Director Ram Gopal Verma is always on cards either through pictures or with tweets on blogging sites. He always lit the fire with controversial tweets targeting present situations of political leaders and Cine actors.

This time he targeted close aide of late Jayalalitha who was convicted by Supreme Court, none other than Sasikala.

I find it shamefully offensive about news headlines stating that Sasikala is going to spend the night with 100 MLA’s at the Golden Resort, this is the tweet given by RGV who likes to be in the frame when his hands are empty without shooting.


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