TV Actor Pradeep’s Suicide: Who Is Sravan?

Sravan was staying with Pradeep and Pavani for two months and claims that Pavani is like his sister. What is his role in driving Pradeep to suicide? Is it a suicide, in the first place?

Hyderabad: There are doubts and suspicions surrounding the dubious role of Sravan in the suicide committed by TV actor Pradeep Kumar. Sravan has been staying at Pradeep’s residence for two months. The point of argument between Pradeep and Pavani was the profile pick that Pavani has arranged showing herself and Sravan intimately. The members of Pradeep’s family have expressed many reservations and suspicions about Pavani’s behaviour. They affirm that Pradeep is not a coward to commit suicide. If Pradeep had committed suicide why were the glasses broken in the house, they ask.

Sravan has broken his silence and told media persons on Wednesday that he had celebrated his birthday on Tuesday evening and Pradeep had gone out in the middle of the party and returned after one and half hours. He said Pradeep was found dead in his bedroom after the daybreak. Sravan said the relationship between Pavani and himself is that of a sister and brother. He is feeling very bad on hearing rumours and allegations about him.

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