TUWJ boycotts Accreditation Committee meet

Hyderabad: The Telangana State Working Journalists Union (TUWJ) boycotted the State Accreditation Committee meeting held on Monday at Samachara Bhavan alleging that the Information and Public Relations Department Commissioner Navin Mittal was troubling the journalists with several new conditions in releasing the accreditations.

The TUWJ representatives and state Accreditation Committee members—K Virahat Ali, T Koti Reddy and Gangadhar have demanded in a statement that the State government has to give bus passes keeping the erstwhile district limits in view instead of new district limits; the government has to issue accreditations irrespective of their educational qualifications; the TSRTC has to give AC bus passes to the journalists having I&PR accreditations; the government has to issue the accreditations to the original media; the government has to distribute the accreditations to the journalists in districts unconditionally; the government has to issue health cards to the journalists irrespective of accreditations; it has to amend the GO No 239, which was doing injustice to the small newspapers; it has to implement the GO issued in regard to big newspapers; it has to conduct the accreditation committees meetings in districts where the meetings were not conducted and speed up the issue of accreditations.

The State Accreditations Committee members have submitted the same demands to the I&PR commissioner Navin Mittal here on Monday. –NSS

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