Tundurru Boils As State Cracks Whip To Protect Aqua Firm

In a bid to save the mega aqua company in Tundurru village of West Godavari district, the government had used force to silence the people who have been protesting against it fearing pollution. The police have indiscriminately beaten up the women and youth and arrested a few dozens of the villagers to ensure safe passage of the heavy machinery of the aqua factory.

Eluru: The State government was firm to ensure safe passage of the heavy machinery for the proposed mega aqua food factory coming up at Tundurru village of West Godavari district on Thursday. The police have clamped prohibitory orders under Section 144 and more than 1000 police personnel were deployed in the villages. Half-a-dozen trucks were brought in to arrest the people if protested and finally the police filled all the trucks with the protesters by noon. The protesters were bundled and thrown into the vehicles mercilessly.

The heavy machinery that had arrived in was sent into the factory premises with heavy police protection thus the government serving the influential and victimizing the people.

The people have been fighting against the aqua factory fearing pollution. At no point of time, the government or the factory management took time to dispel the peoplesa�� fears on pollution. While the management remained silent, the government had been using the police forces to snub and silence the protesters. More than half-a-dozen villages in the vicinity are up in arms against the proposed project.

They were not against the project per day. They were against the location chosen for the project. They have been asking the government to shift the factory by another 50 km, close to the sea shore, to avoid the pollution hitting them and their agriculture fields. The drainage from the factory now passes through these agriculture fields posing a threat to their food. They also fear air pollution that poses a greater threat to their existence.

The government has been very suppressive towards the residents. The chief minister had no time to listen to them and their objections. He had tried to suppress their views attributing them to the Left parties that have been supporting the agitation.

If the government continues to force the factory posing a threat to the existence of the people of five villages here, it would have to face their wrath in the next elections as it had faced a similar wrath after the electricity movement and the Basheerabagh firing in 2002.

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