TTD EO Post Lands In Big Trouble For AP Govt

CM Naidu is set to face the heat from the religious heads and even politicians over the appointment of a north Indian IAS officer as TTD executive officer.

Amaravati: The appointment of north Indian IAS officer A K Singhal as executive officer of the TTD is all set to land Chief Minister N Chandrababu Naidu in big trouble. The opposition to Singhala��s candidature is slowly spreading and is taking new twists and turns with religious heads joining the rival camp and thus increasing the heat for Chandrababu Naidu.

Singhala��s name had initial opposition from within the IAS officers, mostly those from Andhra Pradesh. Their opposition is that Singhal would be the first time a non-Telugu IAS officer to step into the shoes of the prestigious temple in south, Tirupathi. The EO is expected to be well versed with the temple practices and rituals including the events orgnaised there all through the year.

Swami Swaroopanandendra of Sarada Peet had raised objections over the appointment of an officer who is not aware of the South Indian rituals, Jana Sena president Pawan Kalyan had raised objections over the appointment of north Indian officer in the south Indian temple. Swaroopananandendraa��s contention is that the Executive Officer should know the south Indian rituals and the Telugu culture. He should be able to read the Telugu scripts and should have knowledge of the Agamana Sastra based on which the rituals at the Temple are organised. While Opposing Singhala��s appointment, the Swamiji said he would challenge the governmenta��s decision in the court.

On his part, Pawan Kalyan took exception to the appointment of north Indian officer. He said that none of the south Indian officers are considered for the temples like Amarnath, Varanasi and Madhura as a practice and wondered why south Indian temples be given to the north Indian officers. He wanted the ruling TDP to justify the appointment and said that the TDP leadership woes a�?an explanation to the people of AP and South.a�?

While his objections are genuine, it is to be seen how the government would handle the situation and allow Singhal to continue.

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