TS to intensify green campaign

  • Jupally reviews progress in rain pits, sanitation

Hyderabad:A�Minister for Panchayat Raj and Rural Development Jupally Krishna Rao held a review meeting on Tuesday with collectors on the flagship programme of Haritha Haram, Rural Employment Guarantee Scheme and toilets.A�

The minister directed the officials to take immediate steps to plant saplings in adequate numbers in nurseries. As the work of sapling plantation was not up to the mark, he directed the officials to step up green drive and protect the same in all districts and towns, he said, adding that every labour family should be made to protect 400 plants.

The government will conduct the green drive next year and officials should make necessary arrangements for the programme. The officials were directed to see the people get the plants of their choice from the nurseries. The government is also for providing employment opportunities by taking up various works. a�?It is our duty to give the poor and labourers work on continuous basisa�?, the minister said and asked the officials to involve self-help groups in all the departments.A�

The minister also said the works related to rain water pits and toilets be taken up in every household in two years. a�?We are giving necessary funds for the programmesa�?, he claimed. a�?Every worker should get the work and there shall not be any complaint of deniala�?, he said. The minister also instructed the district collectors to take steps to make timely payment to the labourers and workers.A�

Directing the officials to complete construction of a toilet in every household by October 2, 2019 and step up efforts to see that every house has water absorption pit, the minister said during his recent visit to Kerala State, he found no drainage lines outside the houses. Every house-owner had dug water pit, set up compost and biogas plant and made arrangements to flow rain water into the well, the minister said. He also asked the officials to expedite construction of Anganwadi and gram panchayat buildings.


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