TS Medical Council warns errant doctors

  • Action against more in the offing

Hyderabad: The Telangana State Medical Council, which has initiated action and suspended nine errant doctors for different periods, has warned doctors to  follow the rules and procedures prescribed and desist from indulging in  irregularities and frauds to earn money.

Council chairman Dr E Ravinder Reddy said that complaints received against some  more  doctors were being investigated and action would be taken against the guilty. He said that 32 cases are being looked into.

The Council has also taken exception to some of the doctors inventing and adding new degrees to their qualification like diabetalogist, psychologist, etc., which is not correct. Action is also being initiated against some of the rehabilitation centers, for violation of the prescribed norms.

While the Telangana State Medical Council has suspended errant doctors for varied periods, there are doubts among the people as to how the Council would enforce its order and whether it has the necessary manpower to check on the errant doctors. 

It is also said that some of the doctors working in government hospitals in the districts were working in private hospitals in Hyderabad and they are neglecting their duties at the place of their postings; and hence there is need for adequate checks on such doctors.


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