Trump’s Problem: Too Little to Say

Venkata Kondubhatla

Washington (DC): The New Yorker magazine has recently published an article about the lack of substantive content in Trump’s recent public addresses: Trump has a dead-air problem. He spends so many hours before the audience and has little to say, the article stated.


Venkata Kondubhatla

Trump seems to have dried up on speech content. In the primaries, his majority talk was about building the wall, changing the trade policies, so as to stop jobs from flowing outside the country, and taking strict measures to attack terrorism. His slogan has been to make America great again. The more controversial his statements became, the more media attention he obtained. People have heard his talks over and over again and those speeches have become jejune.

Lately in the general elections, Trump’s speeches have become less substantive. His recent addresses were long and less about his policies. More and more fillers, petty things and unseemly attacks on his opponents –such as, the Khans, babies and fire marshals, have replaced the policy talk.

Donald Trump’s recent attacks on Khizr Khan, father of Humayun Khan, an army captain who was killed in Iran, have faced backlash from both the parties and have contributed poorly to his polls. Trump’s reaction to the Khan’s comments on Muslim ban at Democratic National Convention has made headlines, just like his comments on a crying baby, another controversy where Trump had asked the Mother to leave the meeting, in one of his addresses. Later, the channels showed Trump holding up the baby after the meeting. Even so, many thought that his initial reaction was not presidential.

Even more trifling was his charge on the fire marshal that had capped on the number of seats at Trump’s meeting held at Colorado Springs.

With all these dramatic events hitting the headlines, some disappointed Republican leaders have advised Trump not to lose the focus and devote much of his speeches on attacking his opponent, Clinton. Usually in town hall meetings, candidates talk about the local issues and give a broader national challenge and put forward their policies that address the issues by critically arguing against their opponent’s approach. They talk about ordinary people and the struggles they shared with them.

Ironically for Trump, who has attracted many ordinary and uneducated voters, especially white, with his populist policies, there are only few stories about ordinary people to share about. As a person who spent much of his life at construction sites, he can talk about businesses and markets, but when it came to struggles that ordinary people face, as the magazine stated, he has less to say.

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