Trumpa��s pedigree frightens Americans

L Mallepally

Mallepalli Laxmaiah

A Muslim student in Michigan was threatened with being shot for wearing a burkha, by a white male. America is currently plagued by xenophobic attitude of this kind. Vandals continued to cause fear among Muslim students by spray-painting a�?Trumpa�� on the door of the prayer hall used by the Muslim Student Organization in New Yorka��s Tandon School of Engineering. The administration of the school perceived this as an extremely disturbing act. More vandalism was noticed in school bathrooms in Minnesota where punch words like a�?Trump,a�� a�?Whites onlya�� and a�?White Americaa�� caused much anguish among the people there, especially the members of the non-white ethnic population.

Maplegrove Senior High School saw more disturbing vandal acts where slogans like a�?Go back to Africa-Make America great againa�? were noticed in the school premises. In a separate vandal incident in Wellsville, New York, a�?Make America White Againa�? was seen spray-painted on a wall in the park along with the Nazi Swastika sign. These incidents of vandalism add fuel to fodder to the growing debate over the nature of the American Presidential election and raise the question of the safety of the non-white ethnic population in America.

Within a few days of the Republican candidatea��s victory in the Presidential elections, various threats have been made against Muslims and African American. The appearance of the Nazi Swastika symbol in the USA gives an insight into what the future holds for America. The frequency of the appearance of the Swastika sign can be seen as a pointer to the future course of action sought to be employed by the President-elect, Donald Trump.

Adolf Hitler chose the Swastika as a symbol for the Nazi propaganda. In the Second World War, Hitler resorted to exciting the nationalistic fervor among Germans to aid his objectives of setting up the German empire across the world. In 1933, Hitler established the Nazi Party (Nationalist Socialist German Workers Party) and was elected the Chancellor of Germany. Hitler took advantage of the crippling unemployment and poverty by blaming other ethnic groups, especially the Jewish community as the cause for the suffering of the German people. The economic situation of Germany after the First World War paved way for Hitlera��s nationalist propaganda. Hitler rose to power and caused unprecedented bloodshed in Europe with his Aryan rhetoric saying that they (Aryans) alone deserved to rule the world.

The appearance of the Swastika signs and the racist slogans against African Americans and Muslims cannot be brushed off as simple acts of vandalism. Though we are not yet aware of A�what actions Trump will resort to against the African Americans and Muslims, it is clear that the seeds of hatred have been planted among Trumpa��s young supporters. Trump has used 9/11 attack on the World Trade Centre to justify his campaign and had also critically responded to the recent Paris attacks. The ISIS occupation in the Middle East is also being used to bolster his views and he succeeded in instilling hatred in the minds of the White population against Muslims. He has also portrayed Mexicans as enemies of the White American people. Even though he has not spoken out against the Indians and Asians at large, the same can be inferred to reflect his views and conduct. By accusing India and China of stealing jobs from the white American people, Trump has managed to cash in on the dormant unrest amongst them. On taking a closer look at Trumpa��s campaign, the similarities that he shares with Hitler become evident. Though this comparison may not seem justified to some, a study of Hitlera��s campaign in the pre-World War II Germany alongside the statements and speeches made by Trump show an uncanny similarity in ideology.

It is interesting to note that Trumpa��s ancestors were German. His grandfather Fredrick Trump migrated to America in 1885. Fredrick Trump started his hotel business and his father made gains in real estate. Donald Trump capitalized on these businesses and emerged as a major business tycoon. In order to understand the strong position enjoyed by Trump among his white supporters, we must examine Americaa��s demographics.

According to the 2010 census of a total population of 30,87,00,000 the white people constituted 22,35,00,000, while the African American population was only 3,89,00,000. Asians, including Indians constituted only 1,40,00,000 and the Native American population is barely one percent. This indicates that more than 99 percent of the American population consists of foreign ethnic groups. On the whole, the white population makes up 72 percent while the African American population is at 12 percent.

Amongst the white American people, the majority are descendants of the German originA�–about 4,28,00,000 — 15 percent of the total population. The study points out that the other ethnic groups constitute the Irish (10.8%), the English (8.7%), the Italians (5.6%), Polish (3.2%) and the French (3%). This makes it abundantly clear that Trumpa��s victory can be solely attributed to the staggering number of people of German descent in the American population. Therefore, it cannot be doubted that the people of German descent would attempt to perpetrate their past practices of domination and supremacy. It may not be a coincidence that 11 of the 26 cabinet members already named by Trump are of German descent.

It is on account of this that the trend of the sporadic appearance of the Nazi Swastika symbol cannot be dismissed as harmless. It brings back the memory of the grave tragedies unfolded in the Second World War. Contrary to tradition, the result of this yeara��s presidential election has sparked protests by thousands of people. Though Trump won the elections by seizing majority of the states, the Electoral College is yet to approve the result. His opponents are petitioning the members of the Electoral College to reject the result and have been holding demonstrations with strong resolutions like a�?Dump Trumpa�?, a�?Build bridges not wallsa�? among several others. Trump spoke vehemently against illegal Mexican immigrants and has proclaimed to build a wall along the Mexican-American border, which was not taken seriously. But the events unfolding after the election may turn the prospects of building this wall into reality.

It is the goal of the protestors to nullify the ideology and mindset being propagated by Donald Trump, specifically the hatred towards non-white American ethnic groups. Hillary Clinton has a higher count of votes cast by individual voters. However, on account of certain states greatly favouring Trump he has emerged victorious. This is indeed an inherent problem with the electoral system adopted by the United States of America. The protestors are of the opinion that ignoring the interest of the majority of the population who had cast their votes is contrary to democratic principles. Moreover, Trump had through his hate-filled speeches polluted the minds of the voters and the protests demand that Trump should voluntarily give up his election. Many people have declared that the President elect, Donald Trump, is not their rightful President for the first time in Americaa��s history. The protestors are forcefully contesting that a man who perpetrates fear and hatred cannot be deemed to be the President of the country.

There exist two schools of thought in todaya��s America. There are people who on the basis of Trumpa��s victory have begun threatening and indulging in acts of violence against non-white American ethnic groups as an ominous precursor to Trumpa��s presidency. There are also people who refuse to stand for such actions. They are showcasing their protests in an unprecedented manner. In a way a severe conflict has already taken root. For the past ten years, Donald Trump has engineered many schemes for his presidency. His actions, speeches and slogans were carefully planned and strategically implemented. A definite foundation can be attributed to the German idea of racial supremacy. It is established that he will oppose the entry of Muslims and would undertake to torment American Muslims already in the country after whom the same treatment to Asians will follow suit. The stronger the movement against Trump stands, the better it is for the Americaa��s democracy.

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