Trumpa��s National Security Advisor Resigns

Venkata Kondubhatla

Washington D.C.: Michael Flynn has resigned as national security advisor amidst allegations that he had illegal discussions with Russian diplomats on US sanctions imposed on Russia by Barrack Obama as president during Trumpa��s transition, and that Flynn has misled the Trumpa��s White House, especially Vice President Mike Pence, about these discussions.

Trump has evaluated Flynna��s case, and as per the reports he had lost trust in his advisor. Ita��s not yet clear whether General Flynn has resigned on his own or was asked by the president to quit, but more importantly the resignation raises the question of how much does Trump know about these discussions.

a�?I advertently briefed the Vice President Elect and others with incomplete information regarding my phone calls with the Russian Ambassador,a�? Mike Flynn apologized in a statement.

According to Kellyanne Conway, the key aid was misleading the vice president with incomplete information or inability to recall of what did or did not happen in his debriefing of his phone calls.

The White House indicated that Flynna��s resignation is because of his violation of protocol of letting his boss know about the full details of his meeting with foreign officials. This, however, doesna��t obviate the very charge on Flynn of his secret discussion with Russian Ambassador while Russia is allegedly attacking the US.

Democrats argue that Flynna��s resignation doesna��t resolve the problem of the matter. They want to know what the president knew and when.

Obama has imposed sanctions on Russia after the intelligence agencies had come forward with details on Russiaa��s involvement in the US elections. Russia has reacted in an unprecedented way to these sanctions denying its involvement and aspiring good relations under the new administration of Donald Trump.

The reaction has given boost to the previously raised questions on Vladimir Putina��s support and praise for Trump, and a possibility of collusion between Trumpa��s campaign and Russia, prompting Democrats to ask for a serious investigation into the case.

Democrats demand an explanation from President Trump on the resignation and criticize Trump and Republicans for their silence on the Russian issue.

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