Trumpa��s Merit-Based System: Only Best on H1-B Visa

Washington, D.C.: Trumpa��s administration wanted to move toward merit-based immigration system to get the brightest and a�?the besta�? from all around the world, said Tom Cotton, Republican senator from Arkansas, who spoke to MSNBC on Wednesday, after his meeting with President Trump to discuss the immigration bill that he and David Purdue introduced.

The president wants to get the very best from around the world, he said.

Cotton said that often programs that include green cards (EB1, EB2) and H1B visas are not implemented in the way that is consistent with their purposes. Many Americans believe that the present immigration system has allowed many low-skilled workers that have taken away their jobs.

a�?They dona��t bring in PHDs and computer scientists. They replace mid-level data management workers,a�? Cotton said, referring to the immigration staff.

President Trump expressed the same when he spoke before the Congress last week. Trump, Tom Cotton and David Purdue discussed the immigration bill that would, according to Cotton, refocus on legal immigration system on high skilled immigrants who come into the country with a�?English-language competency, education at higher levels and higher level of job skillsa�? that will make them able to contribute to the economy.

Right now only one out of 15 immigrants that we get through immigration system come through such criteria, he said.

The president wants to move in the direction of, for instance Canada and Australia. a�?Our legislation is the first step in that,a�? he said.

“Additional steps are based on employment-based visas and green cards and we are going to work on that,” CottonA�said.

Referring to Americans, he said people are losing their jobs in companies like Disney, Southern California and Edison, and they are being replaced by foreign workers who are not necessarily high skilled. There is no job that Americans wona��t do with the right pay they do any job, he said.

a�?We have to focus on Americans getting back to jobs and with higher wages,a�? Cotton said.

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