Trump Praises Modi

New Jersey: Trump appreciated India as a great friend to the United States in the fight against radical Islamic terrorism, in his 13-minute address at Hindus United Against Terror event in Edison, NJ.

Addressing the crowd of majority Hindus, Trump said he is a big fan of Hindus, and a big fan of India. He said as president he would look forward to deepening the diplomatic and military relationship that is a shared interest of both the countries.

“When I am president, we will hold shoulder to shoulder with India and share intelligence in keeping our people safe,” he said.

Trump praised Narendra Modi as a great man who is reforming Indian bureaucracy. The crowd resonated with him and cheered at his praising. However, audience, many of them H1B candidates, also wanted to know more about his stance on issues,such as H1B visa and his views on the recent Indo-Pak tensions.

Trump’s hardline on H1B visa has become controversial lately. He said that the US citizens are losing jobs to the H1B candidates. Trump didn’t mention H1B in his speech, though. Instead, he talked about the Indian-American’s importance in the country. He said Indian-Americans have the higher rate of entrepreneurship and college graduation in the country.

Trump’s talk aimed more at the Indian-Americans and its businesses, offered “massive lower taxes eliminating the regulations that are killing jobs”.

Not mentioning India, he talked about the US trade deficit with the world, and the jobs going away to China. He blamed China for stealing the intellectual property.

Talking about the recent India-Pakistan tensions to Hindustan Times reporter at the event, Trump said that he would like to see India and Pakistan get along because that’s a very very hot tinderbox.

“That would be a great thing. I hope they can do it,” he said.

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