Trump Picks Up Hindi For Modi

The US President is said to have been learning Hindi words for the meeting with Prime Minister Modi. He would perhaps say ‘Trump Sarkar welcomes Modi Sarcar,’ Chicago industrialist Shalabh Shalli Kumar told a news channel

Washington: The US President Donald Trump appears to be working hard to make Prime Minister Narendra Modi ‘s first visit to the White House memorable. To ensure the success of the meeting scheduled on Monday afternoon, Trump is said to have picked up a smattering of Hindi. He is likely to show it off during his meeting with PM Modi and later.

Ahead of their first meeting, US President has received detailed briefings on India and relations between the two countries including the growing defence cooperation.

“Donald Trump is learning Hindi words for the meeting with Prime Minister Modi… He will say Trump Sarkar welcomes Modi Sarkar,” said Chicago industrialist Shalabh Shalli Kumar, who was considered the chief architect of the Presidential candidate outreach to the Indian-Asian community last year.

It was during the election campaign that the billionaire candidate had adapted PM Modi’s catchy slogan for the 2014, “Ab ki baar Modi Sarkaar” to “Ab ki baar Trump Sarkar” in a 30 second commercial to reach out to Indian Americans. Kumar said that Trump was briefed about the Indian PM.  The White House chief strategist Steve Bannan has “studied Modi” and “they already know where Modi stands, where he wants to take India,” Kumar said.

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