Trump May Freeze Jobs for Spouses of H1-B Visa Holders

Washington, D.C: Trump administrationa��s Department of Justice has filed a brief in the Washington DC court of appeals seeking a 60-day freeze in the case regarding employment permission for H4 visa holders, who are mainly dependents on H1-B visa holders, according to the Times of India reporting on Wednesday.A�

There are thousands of Indian spouses working under the H4 category. The rule was implemented under Obamaa��s administration through the Department of Homeland Security. Many Indians whose spouses are H1-B visa holders and are waiting for their green cards used this rule effectively.A�

Even as uncertainty prevails among the Indians in the United States lately by the Trumpa��s approach toward immigration and the probable reformation of the H1-B visa program, there was a little relief however, that the H1-B restructuring would happen along with the comprehensive immigration reform, which might take time. But things seem to happen faster than expected. Especially, as the anti-immigration advocacy groups have become more active after Trump had come to the office.

Save Jobs USA, an American immigration counsel has filed the brief and the Department of Justice has immediately responded by filing a document on February 1st titled a�?Consent motion to hold proceedings in abeyance for 60 days.a�?

Immigration advocacy groups have reacted sharply to the Trumpa��s latest move. One, Immigration Voice has responded that this move is a�?especially concerning.a�?

At a time when many felt that living on H4 was a curse, the rule that permitted H4 visa holders to work has come as a gift to many Indian spouses who wanted to be independent in a foreign land, where nothing much could be achieved without financial independency. The rule has also contributed in the reduction of domestic violence, which has become a major concern for the Indians in the homeland.


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