Trump Imposes Temporary Ban on 7 Muslim Countries

Venkata Kondubhatla

Washington: President Donald Trump signed executive order on Friday to temporarily ban citizens of seven Muslim nations. According to the order, the citizens of the listed countries are not allowed to enter or reenter the United States of America for at least next 90 days. Trump team, in the meantime, plans to explore strategies of how to deal with the immigrants from these countries. The order has created uncertainty and chaos among immigrant communities.

The order titled a�?Protecting the Nation from Foreign Terrorist Entry into United Statesa�? has included Sudan, Syria, Iran, Iraq, Somalia, and Libya in its banned terror-prone list. An estimated 134 million citizens of the listed countries are not permitted to enter the United States under this order. In addition, about hundreds of thousands of American visa-holders are impacted by the order. According to Propublica, Some 500,000 citizensof these seven countries have obtained permanent resident status in the past decade and about 25,000 have received temporary employment or student visas.

According to CNN, the list could grow and this order is just a starting point for a broader ban. Trump has also banned refugees for about four months. The order has also limited the number of refugees entering the country to 50,000 for 2017, which previously was capped at some 110,000 under the presidency of Barrack Obama.

a�?We dona��t want them here,a�? Trump said during the signing ceremony. He also ordered the secretary of Homeland Security to make the vetting and screening process even tighter.

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