Trump Chooses Indian Origin As US Ambassador for United Nations

Venkata Kondubhatla

Washington: President-elect Donald Trump has selected Nikki Haley, daughter of Indian Immigrant and governor of South Carolina, as the American ambassador to the United Nations.

Haley has gained prominence in the Republican Party over the years, especially after bringing down the Confederate flag in South Carolina. She opposed Trump during the Republican primaries and supported Marco Rubio and campaigned for him. She was a strong critic of Trump and criticized him for his rhetoric to ban Muslims entering the country.

Trumpa��s choice of appointing a critic in his cabinet can be seen as a democratic way of surrounding himself with people who disagree with him.A�

As a final step, the Senate needs to confirm the selection, which is much of a formality. George. W. Bush had converted the position of US Ambassador to cabinet-rank, and Obama maintained it.

Donald Trump met Nikki Haley at his Trump Tower earlier this week. The talks yielded to Trumpa��s decision of appointing her as Ambassador.

Trump has been meeting people at his building since his victory in the presidential election to make some important appointments in his cabinet during his transition to the White House.

One of the important meetings was with Mitt Romney, former governor of Massachusetts and the Republican nominee for President in 2012 election. Mike Pence, vice president-elect and the chairman for transition team, said that Mitt Romney was being seriously considered for secretary of state.

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