Trump Administration accuses TCS, Infosys of Unfair Use of H1B visa program

A White House official accuses of TCS, Infosys, and Cognizant of misusing H1B visa program.

Washington (DC): A Trump administration official has accused the top Indian IT firms of getting the liona��s share of H1B visas unfairly in the lottery system.

The official at the White House briefing last week, explaining how the present lottery system works, said that a small number of Indian IT companies are top recipients of H1B visa. These companies are oftentimes called outsourcing firms, he said.

a�?You may know their names well, but like the top recipients of the H1B visa are companies like Tata, Infosys, and Cognizant,a�? the official said in the briefing published in the White House website.

He alleged that these IT companies apply for a very large number of visas, more than they get, by putting extra tickets in the lottery raffle to get the liona��s share. This is very different than how most people think of the H1B program, he said.

The White House briefing was held last week to give reporters background on an executive order a�?Hire American, Buy American,a�? which Donald Trump was to sign the coming day. The order directed the federal departments a�� justice, labor, Homeland Security, and State to review the present H1B visa program and come up with changes and recommendations to reform the program in such a way that favors a merit-based approach.

In his speech the next day, Donald Trump wanted the H1B visa program to be reformed into a merit-based system that prioritizes highly skilled workers, instead of the current lottery system, which gives equal chances to every applicant.

The official giving the background said that career employees working for 10, 20 years get laid off and the companies hire a contracting firm using H1B workers at much less pay.

The IT companies a�� TCS, Infosys, and Cognizant a�� havena��t yet responded to the comment made by the White House official, as per the reports.

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