TRS scared of losing GHMC Elections : BJP

HYDERABAD: Telangana BJP floor leader Dr K Laxman dared the State government to conduct Greater Hyderabad Municipality Corporation (GHMC) elections immediately, if it had guts, and execute its constitutional obligation. He said that seeking more timeA�from High Court for holding GHMC elections will surely expose the TRS government and its intentions.

Speaking to the media at the Assembly media point on Friday, LaxmanA�alleged that Chief Minister Chandrashekar Rao and his government are scared of conducting GHMC polls,A�as they are very sure to lose these elections.A� TheA�inaction and the pleas of the government forA�the extension clearly indicate this.

Laxman said that it is shame on the part of TRS government asA�it was not only reprimanded by the High Court for this inordinate and inexplicable delay, but it was also warned that if it does not have the intention to conduct the elections through the State Election Commission, the Court will direct the Central Election Commission to conduct the elections.

The TRS government asking for 246 daysA�to conduct the elections is sheer political opportunism, as they wish to buy time for preparing for an election they are bound to lose, he said. May be they need time to lure more city based leaders from other parties to strengthen themselves, which is practically not possible. May be they should clearly state that reason, he said.

The BJP senior leader said that as per the 74th Amendment Act of 1992, the presentA�government is in total violation of the constitutional provision to conduct elections six months prior to the expiry of the GHMC, the elections that they have delayed for the last 10 months. The GHMCa��s term expired in December, 2014, and ita��s around four months and the government has not even declared their action plan to forward demarcation. The intentions of the government are very clear to delay the elections, as they are not in a position to win, which was clearly indicated in the recent Graduate MLC elections, Laxman said. (NSS)

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