TRS Internal Survey Raise Hopes For Opposition Parties

Telangana BJP claims that it have accessed TRS internal survey report which say that TRS is not doing well and far behind when compared to 2014 elections which is worrying CM KCR.

Hyderabad: If this is true, it is shocking news for KCR and TRS party. Opposition party BJP claims that it has accessed the internal survey report of TRS which was made in month of August 2017.

As per the survey, TRS will be completely cleaned up on Khammam, Mahaboobnagar, Nalgonda and Adilabad districts.

Positive vote for the party is still sustaining in Ranga Reddy, Hyderabad and Nizamabad areas and in few districts it is facing tough competition with Congress and BJP.

People’s mandate in survey shows that they are happy with CM KCR’s performance but graph of local MLAs  is not up to the mark.

Out of 91 seats, it is tough for TRS to get at least 45 seats if the situation continues up to 2019 as per survey. When it matters Lok Sabja, survey predicts that TRS will bag only 3 seats.

Everything is fine, but the opposition parties are unable to cash the anti incumbency. BJP is pinning hopes on Amit Shah’s tour. They strongly feel that leaders from Congress, TDP and TRS will join BJP in coming days. Internal survey shows that TRS is losing grip mainly in rural areas than in Urban.

Komati Reddy brothers name echoes hard in the list. As usual Congress party is fed with internal disputes between its leaders. That is the only hope making KCR smile.


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