TRS Govt. making a mockery of Muslim and tribal reservations: Shabbir Ali

Hyderabad:A�Opposition leader in Telangana Legislative CouncilA�Mohammed Shabbir Ali has said that the Telangana government is once again making a mockery of reservations in jobs and educationA�for Muslims and tribalsA�and deceiving the gullibleA� backward communities A�again and again in a press statement issued on Wednesday, Shabbir Ali castigated Chief Minister K Chandrasekhar Rao for his recalcitrant andA� flippantA� approach to theA� serious and life- death issueA� of reservations for Muslim minorities and tribals. Even after two years of being in power, the TRS government had failed to take anyA�sincereA� and positive steps to provide A�justifiable and adequate reservations for Muslims and tribals in education and jobs to trigger their all-roundA� social and economic growth.A� a�?Quota for MuslimsA�and tribals is keptA�in theA� top priority list ofA� the election manifesto, butA� not addressedA� by KCRA� till now,a�? he lamented .

Shabbir Ali said just passing of resolutions will not help the cause of minorities and the hardships ofA�Muslims and tribals.A�Commenting on theA�reportedA�review of the recommendations by the SC (Sudhir) and ST (Chellappa) Commissions on the long pending demands ofA� SCs/STs for hike in quota by the Chief Minister, he said the CM has made empty promises of fulfilling these demandsA�within 100 daysA�and all that he had done was only to set up a few more committees and passA� resolutions in LegislatureA� and forward the same to the Centre and wash off his hands. Shabbir AliA�A� said that the A�CM should know that a number ofA� resolutions passed in the Assembly are pending with the Union government such as SC Vargikarana andA� political reservationA� for womenA� and theA�seven mandals of BhadrachalamA�gettingA� submergedA� inA� the Polavaram Project.

He said the committeesA�headed by Sudhir and Chellappa had been advised to suggestA�9-12% quota for Muslims and 12% for tribals. Both the recommendations, when implemented, could face legal and constitutional hurdles. The CM should not base his decisions on the suggestions of bureaucrats alone butA�should consult constitutionalA� expertsA�beforeA� taking a finalA� decision, the Congress leader advised .

He said the TRS Government was giving a step motherly treatment to the Muslims and tribals. ThoughA�Rs.1200 crores were provisioned in the annual budget forA� 2016-17, hardlyA� 30 % has been spentA� till the end of December , he lamented .

Shabbir Ali said the government has not honoured the positive suggestion made by the opposition parties thatA�it should appoint membersA�with social and judicial backgrounds only to the BC Commission.A� The BC Commission set up by the TS Government two months backA�comprised chairman and members with only academic and political backgroundA� which was not relevant to adjudgeA� the socio-economic issues of the BCs, he said. a��NSS

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