TRS Govt. making a mockery of Muslim and tribal reservations: Shabbir Ali

HyderabadOpposition leader in Telangana Legislative Council Mohammed Shabbir Ali has said that the Telangana government is once again making a mockery of reservations in jobs and education for Muslims and tribals and deceiving the gullible  backward communities  again and again in a press statement issued on Wednesday, Shabbir Ali castigated Chief Minister K Chandrasekhar Rao for his recalcitrant and  flippant  approach to the  serious and life- death issue  of reservations for Muslim minorities and tribals. Even after two years of being in power, the TRS government had failed to take any sincere  and positive steps to provide  justifiable and adequate reservations for Muslims and tribals in education and jobs to trigger their all-round  social and economic growth.  “Quota for Muslims and tribals is kept in the  top priority list of  the election manifesto, but  not addressed  by KCR  till now,” he lamented .

Shabbir Ali said just passing of resolutions will not help the cause of minorities and the hardships of Muslims and tribals. Commenting on the reported review of the recommendations by the SC (Sudhir) and ST (Chellappa) Commissions on the long pending demands of  SCs/STs for hike in quota by the Chief Minister, he said the CM has made empty promises of fulfilling these demands within 100 days and all that he had done was only to set up a few more committees and pass  resolutions in Legislature  and forward the same to the Centre and wash off his hands. Shabbir Ali   said that the  CM should know that a number of  resolutions passed in the Assembly are pending with the Union government such as SC Vargikarana and  political reservation  for women  and the seven mandals of Bhadrachalam getting  submerged  in  the Polavaram Project.

He said the committees headed by Sudhir and Chellappa had been advised to suggest 9-12% quota for Muslims and 12% for tribals. Both the recommendations, when implemented, could face legal and constitutional hurdles. The CM should not base his decisions on the suggestions of bureaucrats alone but should consult constitutional  experts before  taking a final  decision, the Congress leader advised .

He said the TRS Government was giving a step motherly treatment to the Muslims and tribals. Though Rs.1200 crores were provisioned in the annual budget for  2016-17, hardly  30 % has been spent  till the end of December , he lamented .

Shabbir Ali said the government has not honoured the positive suggestion made by the opposition parties that it should appoint members with social and judicial backgrounds only to the BC Commission.  The BC Commission set up by the TS Government two months back comprised chairman and members with only academic and political background  which was not relevant to adjudge  the socio-economic issues of the BCs, he said. –NSS

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