TRS Government will collapse if they arrest me: Chandrababu

NEW DELHI: Probably perturbed at the persistent efforts by the TRS Government to put him in a fix over the infamous “Cash for Vote” episode that turned politics murkier, Andhra Pradesh Chief Minister Chandrababu Naidu today revealed his mind at the national capital that Telangana Government would collapse, if his Telangana counterpart Chandrasekhar Rao tried to get him arrested.

He also questioned whether the TRS Government had the guts to arrest him.

“ If they arrest me , soon the TRS Government will end up in a mess”, he predicted during an interview with an English news channel.  These remarks assume significance as the Governor Narasimhan, who is in Delhi, has already closeted with President Pranab Mukherjee and submitted him a report on the current political scenario in Telangana, and the cash-for-vote case in which Naidu’s involvement is alleged.

Naidu, who is camping in Delhi, has reportedly complained to Prime Minister Narendra Modi against Rao’s Government on phone tapping and ACB case on cash-for-vote case. Even as political slugfest between two Telugu states reached its zenith, Naidu fumed at the TRS Government for trying to fix him in the cash-for-vote episode.

In a startling statement, Naidu said that TRS Government would collapse within a day of his arrest in the case.

“Why should I respond on the phone call related to this case”, he asked. “I am not afraid of that case and I will fight it tooth and nail. We will fight it legally and constitutionally as the TRS Government is resorting to politics of vengeance”, Naidu said. (NSS)

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