TRS Elders Doing Nothing In Delhi

TRS Elders Doing Nothing In Delhi

New Delhi: What are the TRS elders doing in Delhi? How are they serving the interests of Telangana State?

TRS has three Rajya Sabha Members who were hand-picked by TRS chief and Chief Minister Kalvakuntla Chandrashekhar Rao (KCR). K Kesava Rao was the first Member of RS from the Congress to join TRS. Known as KK, the ‘intellectual’ among Telangana politicians takes life easy. He was not seen studying any of the plethora of problems faced by Telangana people. He has his friends to keep company in Delhi. He regularly watches Star TV serials. Nobody who has traveled from the city of Hyderabad or rural Telangana to request the MP to raise the issue in the House of Elders was seen at his residence in Delhi. He is rarely seen on his feet on the floor of the House. Kesava Rao’s son was given a position in a corporation by KCR the other day.

The other senior leader to while away time in Delhi is Dharmapuri Srinivas. If KK was PCC president once, DS had the distinction of heading the Congress committee of undivided Andhra Pradesh twice. He was also made Minister several by the Congress. His name used to crop up when candidates for Chief Minister’s job is discussed in Delhi. Even in 2014 when YS Rajasekhara Reddy won majority for the Congress in AP, the party high command toyed with the idea of making DS, a Telangana leader the CM in order to thwart KCR. That YSR was powerful enough to grab it is history. The point to underline is that the Congress party had given DS a lot of respect.A� After he lost Assembly elections twice in a row, the Congress Party was indulgent enough to make him a Member of Legislative Council. But DS had a life-ambition which remained unfulfilled as long as he was in Congress. He wanted to be in Parliament and live in Delhi at least for five years. Like KK, DS also has a unique qualification which is extremely important in Indian politics. Both KK and DS are Munnur Kapus, BC category, just like three-time Rajya Sabha Member Hanumantha Rao. Though the Congress did everything for him, DS ditched the party to realise his dream of entering Parliament by approaching Kavitha, Nizamabad MP and the loving daughter of KCR. He promised her all his votes of Munnur Kapus and others who have been loyal to him in Nizamabad Lok Sabha constituency if she gets a RS nomination for him. The doting father agreed to his daughter’s suggestion since it also suits him to admit a Congress heavy weight, more literally and less figuratively, into TRS. DS has been having a nice time in Delhi watching Gemini TV serials. He does not bother to intervene in debates or ask questions in RS. No public issue prompted him to rise from his seat and request chairman or deputy chairman for time. Kavita is active in Lok Sabha and speaks frequently and fluently on many issues but not DS. His son is a rising star in TRS.

The third elder from Telangana is Captain Laxmikant Rao, an old friend of KCR. He has not been keeping good health. He is not seen in RS standing on his legs arguing a point or pleading for something. The Captain has been a loyal friend of the Chief Minister. He is also closely related to former Prime Minister PV Narasimha Rao. The Captain is a rare Brahmin to be honoured with a RS seat. His son was given TRS ticket in 2014 and he won.

While KVP Ramachandra Rao has been holding the Congress flag high and the new entrant Vijay Sai Reddy has been making his and YSRCP’s presence felt, the RS Members from Telangana have been listless. Congress Member from Telangana Ananda Bhaskar is seen speaking in a mix of English and Hindi. He spoke on Bundelkhand the other day. But his Guru, DS, who was instrumental in sending Ananda Bhaskar to RS has been inactive. RS Members from AP, KVP and Vijay Sai Reddy have been outperforming their counterparts from Telangana State. KVP, a back room operator as long as his mentor and friend YS Rajasekhara Reddy was alive, has caught hold of Special Status issue. He was prominently seen holding a placard and standing throughout the tumultuous debate on Andhra Pradesh Bifurcation Bill in Rajya Sabha. On Special Status, he has moved a Private Member Bill. He has identified himself with the issue. He has been maintaining good relations with the media persons in order to get extensive publicity for the lone struggle he has been waging in RS. When will KCR ask his elderly MPs in RS to rise and awake? Will he learn a lesson or two from this experience and send serious-minded and people-oriented persons to RS in future?

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