TRS Captures Secunderabad Cantonment

  • TRS rebels also make it
  • Shot in the arm for Talasani Srinivasa Yadav
  • Says TDP is finished in city
  • Relatives of Damodar, Survey, Sayanna lose badly

Hyderabad, January 13: The Telangana Rashtra Samithi (TRS) as expected established firm hold over the powerful Secunderabad Cantonment Board (SCB) when majority of candidates supported by it won in the board elections, polling for which was held on Sunday.

Though the elections to the eight wards in the Secunderabad Cantonment Board (SCB) were held on non-party basis, all the political parties extended support to their respective nominees. While TRS exhibited its supremacy in the elections with candidates supported by it and also the rebels sailed through in the prestigious elections, the Congress and TDP suffered a humiliating defeat with nominees supported by them hitting the dust.

As if to rub salt to the injury, the kith and kin of seasoned senior leaders of these two parties who entered the election fray suffered humiliating defeats at the hands of TRS and its rebels. Former Union Minister Sarve Sathyanarayana’s son and daughter, besides the daughter of the local TDP MLA G.Sayanna were rejected by the voters. Even a relative of former Deputy Chief Minister D. Raja Narsimha tasted defeat.

The SCB elections was also a litmus test for Talasani Srinivas Yadav, who had switched his loyalty to TRS from TDP and even became a minister with the blessing of KCR who expected him to strengthen TRS in the city as well as cantonment limits. Thus election results has come a shot in the arm for not only for Srinivas Yadav but also the TRS, which has now set its eyes on the GHMC elections.

Having won the majority of wards in the SCB, the TRS is now bound to capture the all powerful post of Vice-Chairman of the Board and in fact Srinivas Yadav even exuded confidence of his party pocketing the post without any hitch.

The counting of votes was taken up amidst tight security arrangements even as senior leaders of all the political parties kept a close watch with fingers crossed about the fortunes of the candidates supported by them. The counting of votes was taken up by ward wise for the eight wards.

The first result was that of Ward I (Bowenpally) which was won by TRS rebel candidate J.Maheshwar Reddy who defeated the official TRS nominee Jampana Pratap by 616 votes. Though the outcome of the result shocked the TRS leaders, there was some solace in their camp as the rebel candidate said that he would always remain loyal to the pink party.

The TRS supported candidate S.Keshava Reddy got elected from Ward II (Rasoolpura) by defeating Ms. Suhasini, the Congress supported nominee and daughter of former Union Minister Sarve Satyanarayana by 2087 votes.

The Ward III (Kharkhana) gave a jolt to the TRS when its nominee Ms.Vidyavathi was trounced by its rebel Anitha Prabhakar by 1354 votes. However the rebel candidate after winning the ward pledged support to the pink party by stating that she was a TRS member and would remain so in future also.

The TRS received a boost when its nominee Nalini Kiran captured Ward IV by a majority of over 600 votes over Lasya Nandita, daughter of TDP MLA Sayanna.

The Ward V (Marredpally) was pocketed by an Independent Ramakrishna who trounced the Congress nominee Navneet, son of Union Minister Sarve Satynarayana. Rajesh, a relative of the former Deputy Chief Minister Raja Narsimha, also received drubbing in this Ward.

The Ward VI (Tarbund) was won by the TRS supported candidate Pandu Yadav who defeated his nearest opponent Mallikarjun.

While Ward VII (Trimulghery was captured by the Congress nominee Bhagyashri, the TRS captured Ward VIII (Bolarum) when its nominee comfortably sailed through.

Thus out of the eight Wards, the TRS captured four of them and two by its rebels. The Congress managed to win one ward and the other went to an Independent. With the TRS rebels pledging support to the pink party, the TRS can boast of winning as many as six Wards.  TRS Minister Talasani Srinivas Yadav immediately got in touch with the Independent candidate and sought his support to TRS.

Speaking to the media Srinivas Yadav described the election results as a pointer to the strong base of the TRS in the city and cantonment limits and declared that the party would hoist its flag even in the GHMC whenever elections held for the corporation.

He took the opportunity to take pot shots against his erstwhile leader N. Chandrababu Naidu by stating that the TDP would be wiped out soon. Accusing the AP Chief Minister of trying to woo the voters by  pumping in Rs. 5 crores in the elections, he said that the voters have taught him a bitter lesson by rejecting the TDP nominees including the daughter of the sitting MLA from cantonment. He also asserted that there were no TRS rebels as those who had won were members of the party only (NSS).

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