TRS Accused Of Bias Towards TD; Suspensions Against Norms

KCR laid stone for many Bhavans, but no stone added: Revanth

Hyderabad: TTDP MLA Revanth Reddy on Monday slammed the State government for violating democratic norms in running the House during the Budget session by suspending members in violation of norms.

Talking to reporters at the Assembly on the last day of Budget session, Revanth Reddy alleged that the State government had suspended the Telugu Desam members many times against legislative procedures. He accused the TRS of resorting to “dictatorial” attitude against TD members. The TRS government, which came to power on the sacrifices of students and youth, has failed to provide succour to 1,763 martyrs’ families in the State, he alleged.

Revanth Reddy also said the budget failed to make proper allocations to various heads. He criticised the Congress for failing to raise its voice on main problems of the people. The government ignored fees reimbursement issue and failed to give assurance on providing jobs and employment to the youth and educated, he charged.


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