TRS Accused Of Bias Towards TD; Suspensions Against Norms

KCR laid stone for many Bhavans, but no stone added: Revanth

Hyderabad: TTDP MLA Revanth Reddy on Monday slammed the State government for violating democratic norms in running the House during the Budget session by suspending members in violation of norms.

Talking to reporters at the Assembly on the last day of Budget session, Revanth Reddy alleged that the State government had suspended the Telugu Desam members many times against legislative procedures. He accused the TRS of resorting to “dictatorial” attitude against TD members. The TRS government, which came to power on the sacrifices of students and youth, has failed to provide succour to 1,763 martyrs’ families in the State, he alleged.

Revanth Reddy also said the budget failed to make proper allocations to various heads. He criticised the Congress for failing to raise its voice on main problems of the people. The government ignored fees reimbursement issue and failed to give assurance on providing jobs and employment to the youth and educated, he charged.


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Congress To Release Charge Sheet Against TRS Government

The State Congress has announced that it would release a charge sheet on the failures of the KCR Government.

Hyderabad: As the KCR led Telangana Government completes three years in power, the State Congress has announced that it would release a charge sheet on the failures of the state government. Speaking to media, PCC president Uttam Kumar Reddy said that the Congress Vice President Rahul Gandhi would release it on June 1st.

Reddy alleged that farmers, students, unemployed youth, employees, and business classes – every section in the society are annoyed by the TRS rule. He said that they are preparing to release a charge sheet on the failures of the central government too.

“By organizing Telangana Praja Garjana Sabha on June 1st at Sangareddy, we are declaring war on government failures from the native district of Chandrasekhar Rao,” he said.

The aim of the meeting is to explain people the failures of State and Central governments, Reddy said. He alleged that none of the promises made in 2014 was fulfilled. He reminded TRS’ promise of making a Dalit as chief minister was forgotten on the first day itself.

Alleging that not even a single rupee was sanctioned to provide a reasonable price to the agricultural produce, he expressed concern that Mirchi and Paddy farmers were not even getting a minimum support price. Reddy questioned KCR if he was aware of the fact that Andhra Pradesh Government is providing a bonus of Rs 1500 as a bonus to Mirchi farmers. He criticized that KCR of not committing to the welfare of the farmers.

Reddy said that nearly three thousand farmers committed suicide in these three years. He also warned that the youth, which is in total disappointment, would teach lessons to BJP at the center and TRS in 2019 elections.

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Will It Be TRS Vs BJP In Telangana?

Amit Shah is expected to herald sweeping changes in Telangana politics with his three-day visit when many leaders from the Congress and TTDP are likely to meet him.

Hyderabad: Well the political scenario is going to change as per political experts in Telangana for next elections. Amit Shah’s tour may bring a lot of changes in State politics. Amit Shah will be touring Telangana in last week of May.

As per sources, leaders from Congress and TTDP are ready to join BJP to fight against TRS, the only weapon they are looking for political survival is once again MODI.

It is clear that TTDP is in a risk of losing its existence in Telangana state with only 3 MLAs representing the party and with clear indications that the BJP will not join TDP in AP; TBJP leaders are trying to woo the balance of TTDP MLAS into their party. They are mainly targeting the only charismatic leader of TTDP, Revanth Reddy. There are also rumour which suggest that the BJP top leadership said no to a proposal to admit Revant into the party. The leaders pointed out the case of note for vote which Revant is facing. However, all eyes will be on Revant when Amit Shah visits Hyderabad.

Coming to T Congress, though their leader Rahul Gandhi has plans to visit Sanga Reddy on June 1st, few senior leaders who believe that the Congress has no chance to come to power both in the state and the centre, are looking towards BJP.

Leaders from Nalgonda, Adilabad, Karimnagar, Khammam are among those who are willing to join the BJP.

TRS is keenly observing the strategic plan being implemented by the BJP and it plans to move closer to AIMIM, but line is not cleared until now by the AIMIM. At the same time, the TRS is playing a safe game with BJP and recently TRS MP Jithender reddy made a statement that his party will support NDA Presidential candidate.

This is a game plan by BJP and TRS who are trying to gain upper hand in next elections, One wants to regain power and the other wants to use MODI MANTRA to attain power.

We have to see whom the swing will favour after Amit Shah’s tour.

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Opinion Poll: TRS Looks Invincible

According to an opinion poll conducted by a Bengaluru organisation in Telangana, TRS appears to be unbeatable as of now.

Hyderabad: The talk of advancing elections is making all parties to go for the surveys to know the actual status in Telangana state. Telangana Chief Minister K Chandrashekhar Rao (KCR) in his own style had many surveys done with his team and changed strategies as per the survey reports he received. Same is the case with the opposition parties like Congress and BJP, but a recent survey by a Bengaluru based organisation, ‘Political Quotient’, is creating huge buzz in all political parties of Telangana.

As per the survey, there is no change in the status of the opposition parties since 2014. This survey was conducted between April 2nd and April 15th which covered 13,000 polling booths and 1, 19,000 sample respondents.

As per the survey, nearly 47.5% preferred KCR and surprisingly next to him is TTDP Revanth Reddy with 19.16%, then Jana Reddy (Congress) with 11.39%), Uttam Kumar Reddy (Congress) with 7.06% and Kishan Reddy (BJP) with 2.88%.

But people felt that congress is the best party to fight for their rights pushing TDP into next place. Best opposition leader the respondents voted to is Revanth Reddy with 30.91% votes and next came Jana Reddy with 22.24% votes.

Here are the findings of the survey:

TRS Rule Rating:

Very Good: 44.21%

Average:     16.87%

Very Bad;     32.69%

Cant say:      6.23%

62.66% say that they are non beneficiaries of the schemes and 32.90% say that they are beneficiaries of the schemes implemented by Government, 4.44% refused to comment.

Local MLAs Performance:

Satisfied: 40.24%

Average: 22.34%

Not satisfied: 32.40%

Cant say:  5%

TRS Government’s performance:

Satisfied: 38.02%

Dissatisfied: 38.50%

Average: 20.08%

Standard of living improved: 48.12%

No change: 43.73%

Interestingly 48% said that life of farmers and the poor did improve after bifurcation.

Government Schemes:

Aasara Pensions: 35.41%

Kalyana lakshmi/Shadi Mubarak: 21.59%

2 BHK Houses: 11.79%

Support prices for farmers: 2.94%

Mission kakatiya: 7.94%

Farm Loan Waiver: 4.23%

Land distribution to Dalits: 2.84%

Ration card: 2.44%

Mission Bhagiratha: 2.83%

Fee reimbursement: 3.96%

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KCR Re-Elected As President Of TRS

this journey will continue and the party will remain forever in the hearts of five crore Telangana people in the decades to come” Mr Rao stated.

Hyderabad: There is no signal as such on change of guard and Chief Minister K Chandrasekhar Rao was today unanimously re-elected as the president of Telangana Rashtra Samiti (TRS), the party he formed in 2001.

Announcing this , Home Minister and election officer Nayani Narasimha Reddy said that there were no other nominations and everything is in favor of Mr Rao . Soon after the announcement at Telangana Bhavan, party leaders and activists raised slogans and distributed sweets. The election formality was completed just two hours ahead of formal start of proceedings of party’s 11th plenary at Kompally.

Thanking everyone for electing him, Mr Rao said TRS is now the biggest political party in the country with a membership of whopping 75 lakh. This is possible due to the unstinted support from the Telangana people towards TRS, he added. “we started the party for achieving separate state and during the struggle, we faced many an ordeal. Finally, we achieved the separate state and since then, there is no looking back for the party. People have been reposing faith in us and in a way entire Telangana has become a member in the party. This is possible because the party is doing exactly the same as per people’s aspirations.  So, this journey will continue and the party will remain forever in the hearts of five crore Telangana people in the decades to come” Mr Rao stated.

As per the election schedule, the process of filing the nominations for the party president’s post began on April 14 and continued till April 18. The nominations were scrutinised on April 19 and yesterday was the day for withdrawl, Mr Nayini said.

12 sets of nominations were filed in KCR’s favor by ministers, MPs, MLAs, MLCs, zilla parishad chairpersons, chairmen of state-run corporations, heads of agriculture marketing committees and presidents of district party units.

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TRS Pragathi Bhavan Is Pairavi Bhavan: Revanth Reddy

T TDP is coming up with new strategies to Counter TRS in 2019 elections

Hyderabad: With TRS busy in arrangements for the plenary sessions and public meeting to be held on April 27 at Warangal, opposition parties started raising voice against the government with the TTDP playing key role with new strategies.

TTDP working President Revanth Reddy announced that party will give  100 seats to youth in coming elections, if delimitation comes into effect and seats get increased to 153. A new strategy to pull youth votes to crush TRS which played same game against TDP during T agitation by provoking Universities students.

TTDP is coming with prolonged discussions on the strategies like uniting anti-KCR forces (which look weak at present) to fight against four-member KCR family.

Revanth Reddy blasted TRS government by saying Pragathi Bhavan is now a Pairavi Bhavan and assured it will be converted into mutli-speciality hospital once TDP gets into power.

There are rumors that Revanth Reddy is looking towards BJP instead of Congress. TTDP plans to announce this stand during Amit Shaw’s visit to Hyderabad. But recent statements left people wondering about Revanth’s reported decision of quitting TDP.

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BJP Targets TRS For 2019

Is the BJP trying to target TRS for 2019 elections? Yes, says BJP President Dr K Laxman. According to him, his party is trying to push forward SC categorisation through Constitutional amendment.
BJP Targets TRS For 2019

Hyderabad: Is the BJP trying to target TRS for 2019 elections? Yes, says BJP President Dr K  Laxman. According to him, his party is trying to push forward SC categorisation through Constitutional  amendment, which according to him, will  help the party to emerge as real political force in Telangana State. BJP is going with a perfect road map to strike at TRS and MIM and the  party is confident that they will be migration of MLAs and former legislators from the Congress and ruling party in coming days.

Laxman refused to leak the names of the legislators but expressed confident that they will join at an appropriate time. The BJP has a plan to woo  strong BC leaders and they are confident in future about SC leaders like Manda Krishna Madiga joining the  BJP.

About 15000 booth level committees are formed, mandal and division meetings will be held in coming three months and will move forward to strike at TRS with new strategies, Laxman said.

The BJP is expecting to galvanize the cadres after Amit Shah’s visit to Hyderabad which will be after the 16th. Central BJP is mainly focusing on increasing  its strength in Southern States which include Telangana. As per party sources, first strike will be aimed at grabbing Hyderabad Lok Sabha seat  from AIMIM.

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Is Midterm Inevitable In Telangana?

In fact, all is well with the party; it is only that KCR wants to outwit BJP and Congress. He wants the elections to be completed before both the parties take up campaign against his government and stabilise themselves.

Hyderabad: While the Telangana government is trying to project that all is well with its governance, rumours are doing rounds about mid-term polls in the State. While the ruling party TRS circles are discussing this issue in a hush hush manner, they are refusing to utter a single word openly.

In fact, all is well with the party; it is only that KCR wants to outwit BJP and Congress. He wants the elections to be completed before both the parties take up campaign against his government and stabilise themselves. Sources revealed that even KTR, the heir apparent is also in favour of midterm polls. The Chief Minister, who is already projecting his son as the next CM, doesn’t want to take any chances by waiting till 2019. Though not announcing his intentions directly, KCR instructed his ministers and MLAs’ to be in their constituencies by the end of the month and judge the public mood and response to their policies and schemes. He asked them to visit every village and campaign about government schemes, bring awareness and prevent any negative campaign by the opposition parties. It is also know that, he asked his son to participate in district level party and public meetings and campaign about the government schemes and policies a la BJP strategy. Exactly, this is the way BJP has planned to go about for the 2019 general elections. They already instructed ministers and MPs, leaders to go into public and campaign about their schemes.

It is a known fact there are other contenders like Harish Rao who had been working for the party since its formation. A section of party cadre believe that he is more eligible to be the CM as he is more connected with grass root level leaders and cadre too. Precisely this is the reason why KCR wanted his son to visit every district and get in touch with the leaders and cadre there, thus he can emerge as a strong contender for the CM post. To make KTR more popular among the public, it is known that he is given special powers to take spot decisions on representations received and make announcements during public meetings. Thereby, get projected and introduced as the future CM.

All these indicate that preparations are on for mid-term polls in the state and many ruling party leaders are anonymously admitting this. It is also being said that KCR wants become active in national politics for the welfare of the State. He feels that he can effectively communicate with the Centre as national president of TRS. Rumour mills say that he is eyeing to be a part of the third front.

A major reshuffle in the State Cabinet is also on the offing by the end of the month. It is said that many popular ministers would be removed from their posts and would be given the task of strengthening the party at grass root level. More young faces would be seen and this team with KTR as their leader would be in the next elections ring. Already, the party started membership drive.

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Congress Resents Minister’s Remarks

The TRS is enjoying power due to the gesture of Congress

Hyderabad: Making it clear that he was ready for a debate on “blackmailing tactics” of IT Minister KT Ramarao, Alampur Congress MLA SA Sampath Kumar has alleged that KTR had created hurdles for the release of ‘Adurs’ a Telugu film initially and became silent later for obvious reasons.

Speaking to the media at Gandhi Bhavan here on Tuesday, Sampath Kumar said KTR’s words bring a blot to politics. Many leaders, who cursed the Congress, will be doomed. His words are not good for KTR,” the Alampur MLA warned. The TRS is enjoying power due to the gesture of Congress, which conceded separate State honoring the sentiment of Telangana people.

Recalling Chief Minister K Chandrasekhar Rao’s statement in 2008 that his children would not enter politics, the Congress leader alleged that KTR left his Rs 4 lakh per month salary job and earned Rs 4,000 crore by entering politics. “We are going to defeat the TRS definitely in 2019 elections,” he added.

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Youth writes To KTR To Launch TRS In AP

Hyderabad/Amaravati: In a pleasant surprise, a youth from Andhra Pradesh, in a tweet, urged Telangana IT Minister K T Ramarao to launch TRS in Andhra Pradesh as he was vexed with the existing political leaders in that State.

Stating that he doesn’t like the TD government in AP, the youth urged KTR to launch TRS unit in AP. “We are eagerly waiting for development”, he tweeted.

The youth also praised KTR saying that the TRS governance in Telangana was far better than TD government in AP.

“Sir KTR, we are disgusted and disillusioned with political leaders in AP. Please start your party in AP also. Not only in TS, we are waiting 4u”, the youth tweeted.

“Curiously responding to the request of the youth from AP,” KTR said he was immersed in the developmental works and the TRS government was striving to fulfil promises made to the people.

KTR thanked the Andhra youth for recognising the TRS government’s performance. “We have more than enough to do in Telangana brother. Thanks for the kind comments though,” KTR tweeted.

Similarly, several netizens responded on KTR’s tweet from both the Telangana and AP states. Some Andhra people opined that there was a need to spread the TRS to AP State. Telangana netizens praised KTR’s answer to the Andhra youth.

It may be recalled that several people erected flexes in Tirupati for welcoming Chief Minister K Chandrasekhar Rao when the latter visited the holy city for a darshan of Lord Sri Venkateswara, few months ago. Some enthusiastic people in AP had erected flexes at important places during KCR’s birthday celebrations.

It may be recalled that KTR had made a statement in a lighter vein during GHMC elections that he would contest from Bhimavaram constituency

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Despite TRS’ Adamant Attitude, Oppn ‘Maintains’ Cool

Hyderabad: BJP floor leader in Telangana Assembly G Kishan Reddy today said the Opposition parties have extended cooperation for smooth conduct of Assembly session in spite of government’s “dictatorial and adamant” attitude.

Addressing the media at State BJP office at Nampally here on Tuesday, he alleged the ministers and TRS MLAs interrupted when Opposition members spoke or raised the issues. Stating that Budget has fictitious figures, Kishan Reddy alleged that Telangana State is being converted into a debt-ridden State which has surplus revenue on the name of Bangaru Telangana.

Whenever the Opposition raised any issue of irregularities in government schemes, the TRS was accusing them of creating hurdles in development, the BJP leader said. Kishan Reddy said that the TRS government was functioning on Centre’s funds, borrowing and revenue from sale of liquor. Why the government has given papers of CAG report after Assembly session, he asked and said the party would write letters to CAG, Governor and the President. 


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Kishan Reddy Finds Fault With KCR: Muslim Quota

Hyderabad: Reminding that the Tamil Nadu Muslim reservations issue was in Supreme Court, BJLP leader G Kishan Reddy has found fault with the TRS government for stating that the State government would bring the reservations for Muslims Bill similar to Tamil Nadu model.

Speaking at Assembly media point here on Monday after the House was adjourned sine die, Kishan Reddy ridiculed the State government for telling “cock-and-bull” stories in the Budget session. The government completed the Budget session by telling stories, he alleged and said Chief Minister K Chandrasekhar Rao was running the House with the funds of the Centre, debts and liquor sales.

The TRS government was trying to make the castes and religions as vote banks, he said and alleged that the CM was habituated to give answer to the questions, which were in favour of the government, and the latter always evades the issues, which were against the State government. 


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TRS Leaders Loot People’s Assets, Alleges Congress

Hyderabad: Asking Chief Minister K Chandrasekhar Rao where Rs 20,000 crore have gone in the Mission Bhagiratha Scheme, CLP deputy leader T Jeevan Reddy has alleged that the ruling party leaders were “looting” the assets of the Telangana people.

On Thursday, Jeevan Reddy demanded that the CM appoint a House Committee to go into Mission Bhagiratha “irregularities” if he was sincere. “The CM was making the Andhra contractors to loot the Telangana people’s assets in the name of Mission Bhagiratha”, he said.

Terming Mission Bhagiratha as a big scam, Jeevan Reddy demanded that the State government appoint a House Committee to bring out facts in the Mission Bhagiratha scam. (NSS)

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Komati Sure To Defeat TRS In 2019 Polls

Hyderabad: Nalgonda Congress MLA Komatireddy Venkat Reddy has said he was the only MLA who spoke on corruption in the Assembly.

In an informal talk in the Assembly lobbies on Thursday, Venkat Reddy alleged that Chief Minister K Chandrasekhar Rao was not implementing the schemes on the pretext of paucity of funds though the Opposition was mounting pressure on the State government.

He pointed out that the State government had spent Rs 20,000 crore on pipes for the Mission Bhagiratha and the TRS leaders were getting five per cent commission from the companies.

“I don’t know why the State government finalised only three companies though 14 pipe companies are ISI branded”, he pointed out.

He also exuded confidence that the Congress leaders would expose the TRS government’s corruption and defeat the TRS in the 2019 elections. (NSS)

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BJP Dares TRS Govt For Open Debate On Irrigation Projects

Hyderabad: Stating that a leader like UP Chief Minister Adityanath Yogi would emerge in Telangana State to take over from the TRS, Uppal MLA NVSS Prabhakar has alleged that irregularities were taking place in the Palamur-Ranga Reddy and Kaleswaram projects.

He demanded that the TRS government constitute a House Committee or get ready for an open debate at the sites of Palamur-Ranga Reddy and Kaleswaram projects and made it clear that he was ready to prove his allegations.

Participating in the discussion on demands of irrigation, power, roads and buildings and panchayat raj and municipal administration on Tuesday in the Legislative Assembly, Prabhakar alleged that there was no change between the previous governments and the present government in regard to irrigation projects.

The leaders, who criticised Jalayagnam as Dhanayagnam in the past, have become ministers in the TRS government and were doing the same in the name of redesign.

He also alleged that the present government was allocating huge amounts of funds for the irrigation projects but was not spending even half of them. The TRS government failed to achieve single drop of additional water through redesign of projects.

The State government was not utilising the helping hand of the Centre more so the State government was diverting the Central funds to other schemes, he alleged and challenged that the BJP will not ask votes in case it failed to extend support to the State government in getting more Central funds.

The BJP leader alleged that the State government was collecting huge amounts of taxes from the slum dwellers who constructed houses under GO No. 58. The tanks in Hyderabad were spreading bad smell with horseshoes in the tanks and the TRS government has utterly failed to solve the problem.

Alleging that the State government was failing to supply the uninterrupted power in the areas like Uppal and LB Nagar, Prabhakar opined that there was a need to spend amounts allotted to various projects properly to achieve ‘Golden Telangana’.

Stating that the Central funds were flooding to the state in big way, Prabhakar alleged that the state government was not utilising the Uday scheme and it was not proper for the state government.

He demanded that the state government regularise the services of the contract employees working with electricity department. He alleged that the state government was indulging in unannounced power cuts instead of power cuts.

Reacting on it, Power Minister G Jagadish Reddy said that the state has excess power and there were no such incidents taking place in the state and it was not proper for the BJP member to mislead the people. (NSS)

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TRS will face Congress fate, predicts Laxman

Hyderabad: BJP State president Dr K. Laxman stated that the TRS government would face the fate of the Congress in case it wants to continue the suppressive rule.

Speaking to media on Tuesday, Laxman made it clear that the BJP will fight the anti-constitutional attitude of the State government inside and outside the Assembly. He informed that the BJP Yuva Morcha has given a call for ‘Chalo Assembly’ on March 24 in protest against the “anti-people” policies of the State government and against the State government’s attitude towards BJP activists.

Alleging that the police detained BJP Bhongir president and party activists illegally, Laxman demanded that the government release them immediately. He alleged that the TRS government was implementing “dictatorial rule” in the state by saying there was no chance to stage protests and dharnas. (NSS)

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Expose TRS Govt Through Social Media, Uttam Tells Cadre

Hyderabad: Telangana Pradesh Congress Committee (TPCC) president Capt. N. Uttam Kumar Reddy has directed the party workers to focus on utilising social media to expose the failures of TRS Government in the State.

Speaking at a workshop on “Social Media” organised by Telangana Youth Congress at Sundarayya Vignana Kendra here on Monday, Uttam Kumar Reddy said the TRS Government has been pressurising the mainstream media from exposing its failures.

He said Chief Minister K. Chandrasekhar Rao has been trying several means to prevent Congress leaders from getting the deserved coverage in the mainstream media. Therefore, the Congress workers should concentrate on exploring the social media to spread the party’s message to the people, he said.

Uttam Kumar Reddy said due to the efforts of previous Congress Government, Telangana has a good penetration of internet across the State. Further, the number of smart phone users connected to Facebook, WhatsApp and Twitter are significantly higher compared to other States.

Therefore, he said that the Congress workers should not depend solely on mainstream media and use the social media networking tools to expose the failures of TRS Government at their levels. However, he advised them to crosscheck any information before sharing it on social media. He said besides sharing the news clippings of print media, video-clippings of speeches by senior leaders and digital posters, the Congress workers should share information related to the difficulties being faced by the people in their areas.

The TPCC chief said the social media has a strong presence in Telangana State and most of the users fall in the age group of 18-30 years. Therefore, he said that the youth of Telangana should be kept apprised of all developments in the State.

He said that the social media should be extensively used to highlight the achievements of Congress and its vision for the future. He said the Congress workers should focus on covering the developments in their localities and Assembly constituencies. He said that information compiled by the local workers would enable the party leadership at the State-level in making effective strategies to counter the TRS Government.

He said the Congress workers should connect with people at booth-level by forming various WhatsApp Groups. He said that the effective use of Social Media has changed the way politics work in India.

Therefore, the Congress has been paying lot of attention in strengthening its presence in social media in Telangana before 2019 elections, he said.

The workshop was also addressed by Telangana Youth Congress president Anil Kumar Yadav, AICC spokesperson Madhu Yashki Goud, TPCC general secretary Dasoju Sravan and other leaders. (NSS)

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CPI Slams TRS For Supporting PRTU Candidate In MLC Poll

Hyderabad: Finding fault with the ruling TRS party for openly extending their support to the PRTU candidate contesting in the Hyderabad, Rangareddy and Mahabubnagar Teachers Constituency MLC elections, CPI alleged that the ruling party MLAs, MLCs, Corporators and Ministers were threatening the teachers, headmasters and lecturers, who were extending their support to candidates other than PRTU candidate, tempting them by misusing power.

CPI state secretary Chada Venkat Reddy alleged that the ruling party leaders were threatening the STU leaders by entering their residences. He urged the Election Commission to initiate steps to stop the leaders from this activity. (NSS)

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Telangana Formation Day To Witness Major Political Changes

Hyderabad: 2 June 2017, Telangana formation day , Is likely to witness major shift in political scenario of T state, according political observers. Political parties which have been sidelined by the ruling TRS have been trying to revitalise their cadres.

Congress has a plan to hold public meeting and invite party President Sonia Gandhi. Congress wants to expose the TRS government and explain to the people that it was Sonia Gandhi who gave Telangana State. They failed to put across this message during 2014 elections. Digvijay Singh, AICC General Secretary, has been frequently visiting the State to attend Aaveedana Yatras. The TTDP is aiming at joining hands with non-Congress opposition parties, particularly the TJAC.

It has been organising Praja Poru Yatras under the leadership of Revant Reddy. But no party is prepared to join hands with the TDP or Revant Reddy. The future of the party in Telangana is uncertain.

On the other hand, ruling party TRS want to use the same strategy of sentiment once again to counter the opposition attack and might go for an early poll. Launch of two more new political parties in T state looks certain in coming days, one from TJAC which will play crucial role in the next elections and the other headed by film hero Pawan Kalyan.

With time nearing for political parties for ground preparations to face next general elections, Telangana will face the added heat in summer from all political parties, with highest temperature recorded on June 2nd.

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Jeevan Objects to Chandrababu’s Remarks

Hyderabad: Alleging that the Andhra Pradesh Chief Minister N Chandrababu Naidu was speaking in a manner to provoke the sentiments of the people of two Telugu states on division of the united Andhra Pradesh state, Congress senior leader T Jeevan Reddy explained that closing the gates was a tradition during the passage of bills.    

Speaking at Assembly Media Hall here on Friday, Jeevan Reddy asked Chandrababu whether one has to hang the Congress party for conceding Telangana state.

Targeting the TRS government, Jeevan Reddy questioned Chief Minister K Chandrasekhar Rao to tell as to where his government constructed the projects and where Congress party obstructed them. He also asked KCR to tell whether standing by the side of displaced people of the projects was  wrong. He reminded that the Congress party leaders were standing besides the displaced people  just as  KCR stood besides the Midmaner project’s displaced people. (NSS)

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KCR Worried About Kodandaram Launching A Political Party?

Hyderabad: TRS, a party with a strangle hold on Telangana State. is facing tough task after about 3 years in office. It is seriously grappling with the issue of Prof Kodandaram. All these days  went on smoothly for the ruling party without much pressure from opposition parties. There has been no political agitation worthy of taking cognisance. CM also tried to woo the voters with schemes like double bed room, farmers’ loan waiver, new projects etc. He is now forced to appoint chairmen to various corporations which he did not take seriously till now.

But things look different from now, with a span of 24 months left for next general elections, anti-incumbency is slowly creeping against ruling party from different sections of people. Anti-government sentiment was taken to a new high by Prof Kodandaram, TJAC President.

TRS leaders took Kodandaram lightly. After getting reports from IB, about the raise in anti-government sentiment on ground level, the establishment has started to cut TJAC into pieces. bY pulling out key leader Pittala Ravinder from Kodandaram fold.

TRS is now using the newly acquired weapon, in the form of Pittala Ravinder, against Prof. Kodandaram. In addition to this, Ravinder wrote a letter to TJAC questioning the desire of launching political party. Senior advocate Prahlad and Tanvir joined hands with Ravinder( Both were in key posts of TJAC prior to this) criticising Kodandaram  for talking of a political party like AAP while being the TJAC’s Chairman.

He has no respect for women, treated dalits and weaker sections as his slaves, behaves like a monarch insisting that all should work for him, they alleged.

‘You have enjoyed government job and now receiving pension, but for T state you did not sacrifice anything,’ the rebel leaders alleged in an open letter to the professor. They felt there should be a replacement for Kodandaram as TJAC Chairman.

Scenario is now clear. TRS leaders, along with KCR, are worried about growing strength of Kodandram at grassroot level. According to sources, senior leaders from Congress, TDP and BJP may move towards Kodandaram if a new political party takes birth after June 2nd.

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    Kcr is in politics from so many years.He knows how to handle it.All this is media hype.Media doesn’t know the ground realities.They only sit in AC rooms and comment.

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