Translators play key role in global unity: Yarlagadda

Moscow: Padmabhushan awardee Yarlagadda Lakshmi Prasad says translators can play a key role in uniting the world. Addressing a two-day global seminar, jointly organized by the Moscow Political University and African-Asian Study Centre at the Indian Embassy in Moscow, on Thursday, he said translators were instrumental in making world leaders understand what others were saying. In other words, the translators help the leaders who cana��t speak the same language to connect with each other, Yarlagadda said. The translators will also help to bring the humanity closer through translated literary works, he added.

Around 150 delegates from Moscow, St. Petersburg, Bulgaria, Uzbekistan, Kazakhstan, Belarus, Azerbaijan and Tashkent debatedA� a�?Progress of Hindi in modern times.a�? Yarlagadda, a Member of the Central Hindi Committee, said Hindi language could be strengthened further in the coming years by adopting new words from other languages. He urged the participating countries to help make Hindi as one of the official languages of the United Nations.

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