Transform Telangana into a a�? World Seed Bowl a��: KCR

HYDERABAD: Telangana will be transformed into a a�? Seed Bowl a�? of the world soon, according to Chief Minister Chandrasekhar Rao.

Addressing TRS training classes at Vijaya Vihar in Nagarjuna Sagar on Saturday, the chief minister said that he would soon announce a new agricultural policy by talking to some farmers, besides providing them crop insurance. The Government will focus on setting up crop colonies across the state to make the state a seed bowl through active involvement of the officials of the department and agricultural university, he said.

Rao stated that the state has 400 seed production centers and efforts will be made to strengthen them. He also directed the officials to focus on making the state a seed bowl throw using modern farm practices using latest technologies to ensure rise in productivity rather than production.

Rao said that there is a need to focus on making Telangana a destination for Israel and other nations. He also emphasized the need for increasing ground-water table, which is possible through lakes restoration program. Promising to extend a helping hand to the farmers, he said, there will not be any shortage of seeds and fertilizers. Soon the state should make use of all the resources to see a rise in crop production and reap in benefits. (NSS)

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