Trained army of commandos behind Sant Rampal!

  • Rampala��s army included retired police and army personnel
  • Commandos carried licenced and illegal weapons
  • Sent to judicial custody until next hearing on November 28

(P Ravi)

The two-day operation at Sant Rampala��s Ashram in Hisar, Haryana culminated in the arrest of the Godman, his daughter, close aides and around 469 people, followed by the evacuation of the Ashram. The arrested belong to various states a�� 118 from Rajasthan, 116 from Haryana, 72 from Madhya Pradesh, 10 from Bihar, 83 from UP and three from Nepal. The arrests were made in the face of the two-day resistance the police faced when it went to the ashram to demand Rampala��s appearance before the court in connection with the 2006 murder case for which Rampal and 37 others were being tried.

Sant Rampal asramam

Sant Rampal Ashramam

Rampal never respected court summons and has avoided court appearance on earlier occasions citing ill health since four years. He received three warrants since November 5, 2014, but Rampal has managed to avoid arrest with the help of his armed supporters at his ashram.

sant rampal

Sant Rampal Guruji

When the police arrived at his ashram, two days back, there was stiff resistance from Rampala��s followers. Two policemen suffered gunshot injuries while nine received burn injuries caused by petrol bombs thrown by Rampala��s followers. After the gunshots, teargas shelling and clashes with the followers the Haryana police believe that they were fighting a well-armed, trained force of atleast 300 commandos. Intelligence sources suggest that the commandos, aged 25-35 years, who also dress like elite Black Cat commandos, are trained by the retired army and police personnel and former officers from elite units like National Security Guard and SPG.

Haryanaa��s Director General of Police, S N Vashisht, however, agrees with the reports, a�?There are people who are trained by retired personnel of various security agencies. These people include retired police and Army officers who are carrying licensed weapons. There are other people as well, who possess illegal arms and ammunition.a�?

The arrested ‘Godman’ Rampal is headed for deeper trouble as the Punjab and Haryana High Court on Thursday cancelled his bail in the 2006 murder case and additional charges of murder and violence over the death of six people in his ashram during the standoff were slapped in him.

He was arrested in Wednesday night, ending the standoff and was produced before a two-member bench of the High Court and the court sent him to judicial custody till 28 November, the next date of hearing.

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