Tougher decisions needed for reforms: Venkaiah

Visakhapatnam:A�Union Minister for Information & Broadcasting M Venkaiah Naidu feels there is a need for solid and courageous decisions when the country is going through a change.

Prime Minister Narendra Modi has taken demonetization of big currency notes to fight black money and corruption in the country, he said while speaking at a function here. a�?Only some people have wealth and if we take action against tax- evaders, poor people will benefita�?, he said.

Venkaiah saidA�IndiaA�is shining but this was not stated by the Prime Minister. It was rating institutions which declared thatA�IndiaA�(Bharat) is shining. The Union government would keep a watch on benami properties. Banks have received huge cash after announcement of demonetization which would lead to low interest rates, the Union minister said. a�?If we want transparency in banking, everyone should have a bank account,a�? Venkaiah Naidu said. -NSS

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