Total revamp is my priority: Uttam Kumar

HYDERABAD: The new TPCC president N. Uttam Kumar Reddy, has stated thatA�organizational revamping and restructuring would be his first and foremost priority.

He said there would be vigorous rigorous party activity during the coming two to three months with focus on youth. He outlined his plans to the media in Banjara Hills here a little while after the AICC announced his appointment as the PCC chief on Monday.

He said there would be a two-way approach. While addressing the need to strengthen the party organization, the Congress would also attack the ruling TRS inside the Assembly and outside. He hinted at a complete overhaul of the party from top to the bottom.

Mr. Reddy took a dig at the ruling TRS government and chief minister K. Chandrasekhar Rao for encouraging defections and neglecting governance. He gave indications that he would give utmost priority to youthA�inA�the 18-35 year age group.

The PCC chief said he would follow party vice-president Rahul Gandhia��s guidelines for strengthening the party by revamping all committees starting from the village level to the district level and even up to PCC. He assured party cadre that he would give priority to new faces and to young people and also to those who had been ignored so far.

Mr. Uttam Kumar lambasted KCR forA�ignoringA�his election poll promises and, instead, encouraging defections in a bid to root out the Congress party from the state. He stated that the Chief Minister and Cabinet Ministers were insulting the spirit of democracy. Promoting defections was nothing but political immorality that destroyed the political system.

He said the TPCC would follow the suggestions of senior party leader andA�Leader of Opposition in the Assembly K. Jana Reddy in all major decisions. He said he would work in cooperation and coordination with all the leaders and cadre in the party without neglecting anyone. (NSS)

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