Top Worst Cities With Bedbugs

Venkata Kondubhatla

Washington, D.C.: The adage that “old is gold” may not hold true with our cities. Some of the largest cities are microcosms of cultures and diversity of the world. Their legacy and opportunities attract people from all corners of the globe. But as the cities grow and become old, they are besieged with problems. Space is one problem, but the biggest problem of all comes in the form of tiny creatures: Bugs.

Population explosion has left many cities with cramped apartments and buildings with underground drainage systems. Increased traffic on the roads had led to underground transport systems. Bugs exploit these systems to their best. The facilities provide them an atmosphere to entrench, spread over and pose a great threat to the city dwellers.

Eliminating bugs is a challenge. Ants, roaches, spiders and centipedes are common bugs and they can be easily removed with one round of pest control. But bedbugs are a whole different story.

In cities, people are scared to death when they discover bedbugs in their houses. For one, it is hard to eliminate them and it costs a lot of money. Two, they are harmful and can cause serious damage to health.

With other bugs people face difficulties eliminating them as well, but they are relatively easy to remove compared to bedbugs. One round of pest control will remove bugs and ongoing maintenance will keep bugs away from the units. With growing bugs, pest control companies are on the rise in these cities. We see these pest squads everywhere in big cities usually in minivans with their company logo. They are always super-busy.

Many cities around the world are infested with bedbugs – from Mumbai to Chicago, and from Calcutta to Washington, D.C. New York City is considered to be one of the worst bedbug cities in the world. Here, we always hear stories, such as tenants vacating their apartments and trashing all their furniture because of bedbugs. Such is the seriousness of the problem.

But why these bedbugs are so hard to get rid of? One reason is they are tiny and they hide well. They disappear in the daytime only to return in the nights to suck blood. And when they bite usually people won’t notice anything, as they induce a chemical that removes sensation temporarily. The bites become harmful as scratching increases.

There are two ways to eliminate the bedbugs. One is by using pesticides. This method takes more time and requires several rounds of treatment. As the eggs hatch usually every two weeks, several treatments with two-week gaps are required. The whole process may take anywhere from one month to three months. But this method is efficient when people are living in the house. The bedbugs come only if people are nearby. If not there is no option but to go with the heat treatment.


Bedbug2Increasing the room temperature to above 125 degree Fahrenheit will eliminate bedbugs, as they cannot survive heat – the only weakness that can be taken advantage of. However, this heat treatment is expensive. It costs around $1,500 to $2,000. But the best part is it takes only a day for the whole process.

As a last step in the process, after a week to ten days a special traineddog will inspect the house for any bedbugs. If they are completely eliminated, the story ends happily. Old cities are gold only when the cities are bug-free.

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