It Took 25 Versions to Lock Bahubali-2 Trailer

Hyderabad: Vamsi Atluri, who edited Bahubali-2 trailer, said that it took 25 versions for him to lock the trailer. Editor, who was overwhelmed with the response, was thrilled to see trailer clocking more than 50 millions in just 24 hrs.

“It’s so satisfying to see this kind of response which I never imagined. More than the pressure of working on the trailer of India’s biggest motion picture (yet), I was very anxious to know how audience will receive it”, Atluri said speaking to IANS.

Atluri, who doubted his own capability during beginning, does not like to take full credit for his work.

It was through karthikeya( Rajamouli’s son) I got an opportunity to work on the trailer,  Editor  further added,who worked for more than 2 months only for trailer.

We had different versions of the trailer. Just like how it takes different drafts to lock the final script. We had about 24 versions of the trailer. The 25th version of the trailer is what the whole world got to see, Atluri added.



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