TN Farmers Attempt To Drink Urine On 40th Day Of Protest

After their naked walks, skull protests, eating off the roads, mock funerals, were ignored by the Centre, Tamil Nadu farmers have now decided to drink urine on Saturday.

New Delhi: Though the farmers across the country are facing problems due to drought, ita��s Tamil Nadu farmers who are protesting in the national capital to attract the attention of the government to their plight. The frustrated farmers who were agitating for the past 40 days, attempted to drink their own urine on Saturday as the government was not ready to heed to their demands. While Delhi Police stopped them from doing so, one or two people who were angry had two sips.

The farmers were demanding drought-relief funds and loan waiver as several farmers committed suicide due to the drought crisis. They met leaders of several parties including Union ministers. However, none of the ministers gave them a concrete assurance of addressing their grievances.

Though the whole nation now is aware of their problems and demands the Centre is not shaken. The agitating farmers took up skull protest, walked naked, ate off the roads, held mock funerals, wore sarees, but, nothing attracted the government which claims that it is committed to reviving agri-sector.

While the ruling party in Tamil Nadu, AIADMK, is mired in controversies and struggling, the DMK led opposition parties declared a Statewide bandh on April 25 to demand the Centrea��s intervention.

Meanwhile, advocate and president of Swaraj Abhiyan, Prashant Bhushan, had petitioned the Supreme Court to make Tamil Nadu a party to the plea asking for drought relief for farmers of 10 States. The case is likely to come up for hearing on April 26, according to him.

The farmers decided to meet Tamil Nadu Chief Minister Palani Swamy and decide their future course of action depending on the outcome.

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