TJAC Suspends Pittala Ravinder, Prahlad

Hyderabad: Telangana JAC has decided to rebuff conspiracies hatched to see that there should not be any questioning forces on the rule of the state government. JAC has made it clear that it was condemning the alleged undemocratic attitude of the state government.

The TJAC Steering Committee meeting was held on Tuesday. The JAC has announced its future action plan to make public the failures of the state government in regard to various issues. JAC announced that it was suspending its leaders Pittala Ravinder and N Prahlad for extending their help to the governmenta��s conspiracies against the JAC.

The JAC Steering Committee decision: action plan to be taken up to take up movement to control the fees in the schools and colleges; JAC would make public the diversion of funds of weaker sections; the district tours to be taken up on public issues to find solution. (NSS)

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