TJAC Pleads With Centre To Ensure MSP For Chilli Crop

Hyderabad: Telangana JAC steering committee meeting held on Sunday passed a resolution to respond on the problems of the people in the villages immediately.

Speaking to the media later, TJAC chairman Prof. M Kodandaram said the steering committee has discussed the burning problems of the people and chalked out a future course of action plan. He said the meeting also discussed the steps to strengthen the JAC.

He said they would appeal to the Centre to see that the chilli farmers must get Rs 12,000 per quintal.  He also alleged that the farmers were facing a lot of troubles due to absence of minimum support price to their produce.

Demanding that the State government purchase Tur Dal crop, Kodandaram said the JAC will organise a meeting on Singareni dependent jobs in Srirampur in Mancherial district on April 10.  He said the JAC will organise an all-party meeting in Hyderabad on open-cast mining and in the same meeting, the JAC will discuss about steps to protect Dharna Chowk at Indira Park.

He said the JAC will tour tribal areas on tribals losing their lands in the name of Haritha Haram. He revealed that the JAC decided to strengthen the JAC from village-level and for that it will conduct awareness programmes to the members of JAC at Hyderabad besides districts and mandals.

He made it clear that the JAC will extend its full support to the unemployed youth public meeting to be held in Hyderabad.

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Kodandaram Rejects BJP’s Alleged Offer Of Governor’s job

TJAC Chairman Prof.Kodandaram politely rejected the offer given by BJP leaders

Hyderabad: TJAC Chairman Prof.Kodandaram politely rejected the offer given by BJP leaders for Telangana that the party Governor’s post. Governor E.L. Narasimhan’s term ends by May 3rd and his name is echoing for the post of Vice President at Delhi level, which has not yet confirmed. In the rejig the Union Government can find a State for Kodandaram. But the professor who comes from a far left background cannot imagine himself in a Raj Bhavan. BJP leader Kishan Reddy’s idea of making Kodandram is far- fetched.

Kodandaram, who is busy in aiming gun shots against TRS Government with continuous protests which start from April 10, did not show any interest towards the offer given by BJP.

TJAC Chairman has a good will in the hearts of Telangana people and the offer given by BJP leaders Laxman and Kishan Reddy is perfectly apt for his background and qualifications and his attitude towards people of T-state which people have seen during T-agitation.

Another important topic of discussion was to act unitedly in opposing the government’s move to shift dharna Chowk away from Indira Park to a far away place in the outskirts of the city. They had agreed to join hands in the struggle against the policies of TRS government.

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Kodandaram Flays KCR For Suppressing Democratic Rights

Hyderabad: Even as Telangana Chief Minister K Chandrasekhar Rao is seen trying to woo the gods with gold, the people who fought for the creation of Telangana have decided to take to the streets once again. They claim that the CM and his government are turning a blind eye to the woes of the people and the goals that propelled the movement have not been met.

The TJAC chairman, Prof. Kodandaram, who is deeply disappointed with TRS government and the behaviour of KCR, came up with his views in an interview titled OFFCENTRE with Anuradha Sen Gupta. Here are a few titbits from the interview:

According to Kodandaram, unemployment is the main reason behind the protest. He said, “Government should have allowed us to take out the rally highlighting the problems. We are asking for more jobs and the government should have accepted it as one of the priority items in the policy making. Over 650 people committed suicide and most of the suicide letters stated that they are taking this extreme step due to unemployment”.

On being an activist, he said that it was not an easy choice as he doesn’t have any power. He said that he can’t assure that everything would be solved and yet he is convincing people to join the movement so that problems can solved collectively.

He added that it was not easy to influence the government from outside and it sometimes becomes frustrating too.

He lashed out at KCR by saying that the government is nervous and somehow it wants to suppress TJAC activity. They don’t want the rally to take place. In fact, if you read TRS manifesto, there is something which is interesting. They said that they would do anything to uphold the democratic atmosphere, so this is the violation of their manifesto, Kodandaram reiterated.

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TJAC Warns Govt On Jobs To Jobless Youth, Dependent Jobs

Hyderabad: Telangana JAC chairman issued a fresh warning to Telangana Rashtra Samiti with a series of protests which will be once again on unemployed youth (Nirudyog Rally), dependent jobs in Singareni colonies, and on power, health and agriculture.

T-JAC looks stiff and bold even after government tried to foil the rally last month and arrested Prof. Kodandaram in the name of preventive custody.

TJAC steering committee held a meeting on Sunday and formulated an action plan to exert pressure on TRS government. TJAC will once again take out a procession on unemployment, kick start on TRS government to fulfil its promise of providing jobs to lakh of unemployed youth in Telangana.

TJAC will also organise an all-party meet in Hyderabad on open cast mining and on shifting of Dharna Chowk.

Certainly April will raise heat on ruling party with these continuous agitations by T-JAC.

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People Centric Development Needed: Kodandaram

Hyderabad: TJAC chairman Prof M Kodandaram today exhorted the people’s representatives to act responsibly for the people-centered development.

The TJAC Steering Committee meeting was held on “unemployment rally — aftermath developments” here on Sunday and passed several resolutions.

After the meeting, Prof. Kodandaram told the media that there was a need for the State government to change its attitude towards people.

Alleging that the State government has not yet announced its action plan on solving the unemployment problem in the State, Prof. Kodandaram made it clear that the TJAC demands were same as earlier. (NSS)

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Rebels Attack Kodandram, Call Him A Dictator

Hyderabad: Alleging that TJAC Chairman Prof M Kodandaram insulted her, TJAC former leader Thanveer Sultana, with tears in eyes, announced that she was tendering her resignation to the TJAC’s co-convenor post.

Speaking to the media here today, along with other JAC rebel leaders Pittala Ravinder and Nallapu Prahlad, Sultana said Prof. Kodandaram remains in the post because of all JAC activists. Wondering who will stay in the JAC when leaders like her were pulled up by Kodandaram, Sultana said no leader, who makes women cry, will last long”, she said.

Lashing out at Prof. Kodandaram, Prahlad alleged that the former was functioning unilaterally. “We are dubbed as government agents when we questioned Prof. Kodandaram”, he said, adding that he was in Telangana movement since 1996. He alleged that Prof. Kodandaram was leaking the decisions to the media even before discussing them in the JAC. He asked Kodandaram how he could share dais with those who stoutly opposed formation of Telangana State. He asked how far it was justifiable to Kodandaram, who says he was against politics, to engineer agitations along with political parties.

Thanveer Sultana said there was no priority to women in the JAC. Some leaders in the JAC do not respect women at all. She said she was constrained to tender resignation to her JAC post in protest against the dictatorial attitude of Kodandaram.

Pittala Ravinder said when he suggested some amendments to the JAC objectives in 2014, conspiracies to remove him from the JAC began. He also alleged that Prof. Kodandaram insulted the spirit of Telangana movement. He warned Kodandaram that he would remain in the history as a destroyer of Telangana society if he failed to mend his dictatorial attitude. Pittala asked Prof. Kodandaram whether he met AICC Chief Sonia Gandhi or not. He also alleged that Kodandaram was moving with his personal agenda as that of JAC agenda. Prof. Kodandaram was inciting students to participate in the unemployment rally. (NSS)

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TJAC Suspends Pittala Ravinder, Prahlad

Hyderabad: Telangana JAC has decided to rebuff conspiracies hatched to see that there should not be any questioning forces on the rule of the state government. JAC has made it clear that it was condemning the alleged undemocratic attitude of the state government.

The TJAC Steering Committee meeting was held on Tuesday. The JAC has announced its future action plan to make public the failures of the state government in regard to various issues. JAC announced that it was suspending its leaders Pittala Ravinder and N Prahlad for extending their help to the government’s conspiracies against the JAC.

The JAC Steering Committee decision: action plan to be taken up to take up movement to control the fees in the schools and colleges; JAC would make public the diversion of funds of weaker sections; the district tours to be taken up on public issues to find solution. (NSS)

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Telangana Formation Day To Witness Major Political Changes

Hyderabad: 2 June 2017, Telangana formation day , Is likely to witness major shift in political scenario of T state, according political observers. Political parties which have been sidelined by the ruling TRS have been trying to revitalise their cadres.

Congress has a plan to hold public meeting and invite party President Sonia Gandhi. Congress wants to expose the TRS government and explain to the people that it was Sonia Gandhi who gave Telangana State. They failed to put across this message during 2014 elections. Digvijay Singh, AICC General Secretary, has been frequently visiting the State to attend Aaveedana Yatras. The TTDP is aiming at joining hands with non-Congress opposition parties, particularly the TJAC.

It has been organising Praja Poru Yatras under the leadership of Revant Reddy. But no party is prepared to join hands with the TDP or Revant Reddy. The future of the party in Telangana is uncertain.

On the other hand, ruling party TRS want to use the same strategy of sentiment once again to counter the opposition attack and might go for an early poll. Launch of two more new political parties in T state looks certain in coming days, one from TJAC which will play crucial role in the next elections and the other headed by film hero Pawan Kalyan.

With time nearing for political parties for ground preparations to face next general elections, Telangana will face the added heat in summer from all political parties, with highest temperature recorded on June 2nd.

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Shabbir Ali flays TRS Govt for hasty notifications and Withdrawals

Hyderabad:  Mohammed Ali Shabbir, the leader of opposition in the Telangana Legislative Council today slammed the TRS Government of playing with the future and livelihood of the Telangana unemployed youth.

Shabbir said that the government had always acted on whims and fancies of the CM, KCR and announced hasty and thought-less decisions that have always ended in discourteous and abrupt withdrawals causing confusion and irreparable mental agony to thousands of unemployed youth in the state. It appeared to be a high drama of the TRS government to win over graduate votes on the eve of the MLC elections by issuing such notifications and later attempts to appease the jobless graduates, he said

Shabbir demanded that the government should issue notifications immediately for both gurukul and also regular teachers posts. Commenting on the government’s cancellation of the notification on Gurukul postings by the TSPAC, he said that such rash and reckless decisions and later retreat and abolitions have become order of the day in TRS regime and have exposed their lack of administrative skills and knowledge of governance.

The government had withdrawn the notification for 7306 teaching and non-teaching staff in Gurukul institutions on Thursday following widespread unrest and protests over the controversial clause that only applicants with 60% marks in degree and Post graduate courses should apply for the teaching posts. The government’s action has come in the wake of agitation by the unemployed youth under the aegis of the TJAC, which the KCR government stalled with an iron hand.

Shabbir said the cancellation of the notification just 24 hours of the deadline of March 4th for filing applications had left the youth confused and agitated. He questioned as to what happened to the TRS government’s announcements like acquisition of Racecourse and Chanchalguda jail lands for educational institutions. (NSS)

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Fissures Suddenly Surface In TJAC: Is KCR At It?

Hyderabad: After decimating the Opposition parties in the state,  is Chief Minister K. Chandrashekar Rao now diligently moving his pawns to crush the TJAC headed by Prof. M. Kodandaram from emerging as an alternative political adversary in the State ?  This question is gaining importance in political circles following the sudden fissures surfacing in the TJAC.

It is pertinent to note here that the State administration ensured that the “Unemployment Rally” in the city called by Prof. Kodandaram is foiled by using the police machinery to not only arrest Prof. Kodandaram but also scores of other leaders in the wee hours of the day the rally was to take place defying the court and police ban orders.

Interestingly on the eve of the proposed rally,  TRS leaders including Peddapally MP Balka Suman, who supported and praised Kodandaram to the hilt and responded to his numerous agitation programmes during the thick of the separate Telangana movement, suddenly trained their guns on him for raising his voice against the failure of KCR and TRS government in fulfilling the promise made to the youth to fill up job vacancies in the State.

What is more,  the same TRS cadre and the leaders of various employees organizations which participated in numerous dharnas, rail rokos and the million march on the call given by TJAC under the leadership of Kodandaram and even courted arrest, had now changed tunes after the formation of Telangana State and TRS taking the reins of the State administration. Like the friends turning bitter foes, the TRS leaders are now taking cudgels against TJAC and Kodandaram for exposing the government’s failures in various aspects.

The TRS and employees JAC  leaders who had criticized the erstwhile Congress government for using the police force to crush the Telangana movement, have unhesitatingly employed the same  “brutal force” to foil the unemployed rally recently. As a matter of fact the state administration and the police authorities have even described the students and youth, who had earlier participated in numerous agitations, as extremists and anti-social elements

 As if not content with making Kodandaram’s unemployment rally an “utter flop”, now efforts seem to be on to split the TJAC by discrediting Kodandaram and his policies. The Opposition parties, especially the Congress and TDP, which have lost credibility and have virtually become spent forces after KCR’s “Operation Akarshan”, have extended support to Kodandaram’s call for unemployment rally. Thus TJAC under the leadership of Kodandaram had suddenly emerged as a powerful force to reckon with to take on TRS and KCR.

After having decimated the Opposition with his “Operation Akarshan”, the Chief Minister had undoubtedly become a power and undisputed political force in the State. But to his chagrin, he seems to have realized that the TJAC under the leadership of Kodandaram has become a new thorn in his flesh. With other already weakened Opposition parties rallying round Kodandaram, KCR seemed to have set in motion another operation to checkmate Kodandaram and TJAC from becoming his political nemesis.

This is clearly evident from the sudden fissures surfacing in the TJAC  when Pittala Ravinder and two other leaders of the TJAC launched a broadside against Kodandaram and accused him of “feudal mentality”. They even questioned him as to what sacrifices he had made for the cause of separate Telangana and reminded him that they had gifted him the  post of Chairman of TJAC. Thus the sudden outburst of these leaders against Kodandaram only speaks of a “hidden hand” triggering the fissures in TJAC. (NSS)

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  1. Haarika says:

    I already told in your previous report that KCR is a seasoned politician.He knows how to handle these type of hypes created by media

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KCR Worried About Kodandaram Launching A Political Party?

Hyderabad: TRS, a party with a strangle hold on Telangana State. is facing tough task after about 3 years in office. It is seriously grappling with the issue of Prof Kodandaram. All these days  went on smoothly for the ruling party without much pressure from opposition parties. There has been no political agitation worthy of taking cognisance. CM also tried to woo the voters with schemes like double bed room, farmers’ loan waiver, new projects etc. He is now forced to appoint chairmen to various corporations which he did not take seriously till now.

But things look different from now, with a span of 24 months left for next general elections, anti-incumbency is slowly creeping against ruling party from different sections of people. Anti-government sentiment was taken to a new high by Prof Kodandaram, TJAC President.

TRS leaders took Kodandaram lightly. After getting reports from IB, about the raise in anti-government sentiment on ground level, the establishment has started to cut TJAC into pieces. bY pulling out key leader Pittala Ravinder from Kodandaram fold.

TRS is now using the newly acquired weapon, in the form of Pittala Ravinder, against Prof. Kodandaram. In addition to this, Ravinder wrote a letter to TJAC questioning the desire of launching political party. Senior advocate Prahlad and Tanvir joined hands with Ravinder( Both were in key posts of TJAC prior to this) criticising Kodandaram  for talking of a political party like AAP while being the TJAC’s Chairman.

He has no respect for women, treated dalits and weaker sections as his slaves, behaves like a monarch insisting that all should work for him, they alleged.

‘You have enjoyed government job and now receiving pension, but for T state you did not sacrifice anything,’ the rebel leaders alleged in an open letter to the professor. They felt there should be a replacement for Kodandaram as TJAC Chairman.

Scenario is now clear. TRS leaders, along with KCR, are worried about growing strength of Kodandram at grassroot level. According to sources, senior leaders from Congress, TDP and BJP may move towards Kodandaram if a new political party takes birth after June 2nd.

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  1. Haarika says:

    Kcr is in politics from so many years.He knows how to handle it.All this is media hype.Media doesn’t know the ground realities.They only sit in AC rooms and comment.

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TJAC in a fix as HC permits ‘jobless rally’ on city outskirts

Hyderabad: The TJAC’s proposed “Unemployed Youths Rally” scheduled for Wednesday continues to be in a limbo with the High Court granting conditional permission for the organizers to hold the rally from 11 am to 3pm at Nagole Metro Rail Grounds on the city outskirts.

The High Court, while hearing a petition of Telangana Vidhyavanthula  Vedika, one of the wings of TJAC  headed by Prof. Kodandaram, on Monday wanted the organizers of the rally to inform by Tuesday to a suggestion to postpone the rally from February 22 to February 26 (from Wednesday to Sunday) besides shifting the venue from the city. The High Court was approached by the petitioners after the police refused permission for holding the rally on the plea that it was bound to trigger a law and order problem.

The TJAC Steering Committee, along with various students and youth organizations, deliberated the same at the residence of Prof. Kodandaram when it was felt that there was no point in postponing the rally to another date. Instead as a compromise, the TJAC wanted permission for organizing the rally either on the Osmania University Campus or in the Nizam College grounds and the same was intimated to the court. The court then advised the organizers to file a fresh application to the police for permission and directed the police authorities to convey the decision by 3.30 pm today. The TJAC accordingly applied to the East Zone police authorities for necessary permission for holding the rally on OU Campus or Nizam College Grounds.

However, the OU Vice-Chancellor reportedly refused to permit any rally either on the OU campus or in the Nizam College grounds and hence the East Zone Police authorities refused permission to the TJAC for the rally and accordingly the High Court was informed. Thereupon, the petition filed in the High Court was withdrawn. The court then announced its order granting conditional permission for holding the rally. As per the court order, the TJAC is permitted to hold the rally at the Metro Rail grounds in Nagole on the outskirts of the city from 11 am to 3 pm.

The TJAC steering committee along with various units of the students and other organizations besides senior leaders, were in a huddle discussing the next move in the wake of the High Court order. The organizers were in a fix as to whether they should abide by the court order and hold the rally on the outskirts of the city. It is learnt that some student and youth leaders were adamant in holding the rally within the city limits as messages had already been sent to various organizations all over the State in this regard and hence the very purpose of the rally would have no impact if the same was held on the city outskirts. –NSS

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Suman accuses Kodandaram of being Cong puppet

Hyderabad: Reacting to the comments made by TJAC Chairman Prof Kodandaram against the government, TRS Member of Parliament B Suman has called him a puppet in the hands of Congress leaders.

Addressing a press conference here on Sunday, Suman accused Kodandaram of becoming a toy in the hands of the opposition Congress and trying to malign the image of the government. Suman recalled that it was TRS supremo K Chandrasekhar Rao who appointed Kodandaram as chairman of the TJAC to deal with important issues during the separate Telangana movement. KCR fought for statehood for 10 years and achieved Telangana. At the behest of Congress, Kodandaram is making a hue and cry against the state government, Suman fumed.

Stating that KT Rama Rao too sacrificed his luxurious life in the US and returned to participate in the statehood movement, Suman charged that the professor who did not quit his posts is trying to targeting the government. Can’t Kodandaram see the flagship programmes like Mission Kakatiya and Mission Bhagiratha, Haritha Haram and others, the TRS parliamentarian questioned.

Besides implementing many welfare schemes and developmental programmes, the government is giving importance to complete irrigation projects on a war footing and tide over the electricity problem. Suman also fumed at Telangana Telugu Desam leader Revanth Reddy for his recent comments against the Chief Minister. He called the TD leader a ‘big thief’ and warned that the people will teach him a lesson. -NSS

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What Is Kodandaram Upto?

  • Would he float a political party?

Hyderabad: What is Prof Kodandaram upto? The professor who commands highest respect after Chief Minister K Chandrasekhara Rao (KCR) across Telangana was largely responsible for the formation of the new State. But he fell out with KCR during the course of the elections in 2014 and chose to continue his association with Telangana Joint Action Committee (TJAC), a pressure group. KCR has given positions of power for many leaders who struggled with him in the movement for separate statehood. But he did not make any offer to Prof Kodandaram nor did the professor ask for any favour.

There was some misunderstanding between the two most important persons that made the movement for separate Telangana successful. At the time of elections, the Congress party leadership wanted a commitment from Prof Kodandaram that he would support the party in case of a contest against the Telangana Rashtra Samiti (TRS). The TJAC leader did not give the commitment that the Congress high command sought. But he promised to stay neutral in the elections. He did not get any tickets for his colleagues  in the movement nor did he contest. But the decision of the professor to stay neutral in election was not taken kindly by KCR. The TRS chief thought it was a blatantly uncharitable and unfriendly  decision by the erstwhile colleague. He expected the whole lot of the TJAC to support him. Had it happened, KCR would have given the professor a very prominent position in the government.

But Prof Kodandaram is never enamoured of power. Knowing his revolutionary political background, none of his associates expected him to follow KCR after formation of Telangana. He continues his role as a watchdog on behalf of the people closely watching the government and pointing out mistakes committed by the rulers.  He was on a low key for two years. He has started articulating about six months ago. With the agitation against land acquisition in Mallanna Sagar project, the professor had gone ballistic with his criticism and all out support to the persons who are threatened with evacuation. But the motley crowd around Kodandaram does not give confidence that he would be able to do anything worthwhile by launching a political outfit.  But he is slowly gaining traction and a section of the media had started speculating that he would soon float a political party.

After 9 December 2009, KCR, who was responsible for the decision of the Union government to form a separate State of Telangana, had slowed down. The then Home Minister P Chidambaram went back on his promise on Telangana State  when the MPs and MLAs of the Congress and the Telugu Desam Party (TDP) from Seemandhra region resigned en masse on the morning of December 10, the next day after the announcement made by Chidambaram. At the behest of KCR, a Joint Action Committee was formed with Prof Kodandaram as the chairman and Mallepalli Laxmaiah, a Dalit intellectual and activist, as co-chairman. It was a good combination and both of them with the help of the TRS, TDP and CPI leaders had taken the movement forward with a creative action programme. In fact, KCR participated in some and stayed away from some other. But the credit for taking the movement to its logical conclusion had to be shared by KCR and Kodanadaram.

Now KCR and his family members are in full command ruling the new State with authority. Prof Kodandaram has been playing the role that suits his personality, the role of a watchdog. He has been critical of the government in regard to Mallanna Sagar, creation of new districts and many other issues. However, the leaders of different groups who were part of the TJAC before elections were weaned away from him by KCR. Kodandaram is left with no established leader. Mallepalli Laxmaiah was given the assignment of developing Budhavanam at Nagarjuna Sagar. Buddhism is close to Laxmaiah’s heart and he is likely to put his heart and soul in the work to create a monumental centre for Buddhist studies. KCR, though autocratic and whimsical, is still popular with the general public.

For the present, Prof Kodandaram would continue to work for the farmers and the downtrodden, the work he has been doing throughout his life. Launching a political party now is far away from his mind. If KCR get unpopular or some political uncertainty surfaces in future, then Prof Kodandaram might think of a political party, that too reluctantly. He is not the typical politician who can mobilize money to run a party. For his temperament, it is extremely difficult to found and run a political party successfully. But if the Congress party, which does not have a credible leader in Telgangan, offers the leadership role and the local leaders, are prepared to work under him without inhibitions, he might consider the offer. It is, however, most unlikely.

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