TJAC in a fix as HC permits a�?jobless rallya�� on city outskirts

Hyderabad: The TJAC’s proposed “Unemployed Youths Rally” scheduled for Wednesday continues to be in a limbo with the High Court granting conditional permission for the organizers to hold the rally from 11 am to 3pm at Nagole Metro Rail Grounds on the city outskirts.

The High Court, while hearing a petition of Telangana VidhyavanthulaA� Vedika, one of the wings of TJACA� headed by Prof. Kodandaram, on Monday wanted the organizers of the rally to inform by Tuesday to a suggestion to postpone the rally from February 22 to February 26 (from Wednesday to Sunday) besides shifting the venue from the city. The High Court was approached by the petitioners after the police refused permission for holding the rally on the plea that it was bound to trigger a law and order problem.

The TJAC Steering Committee, along with various students and youth organizations, deliberated the same at the residence of Prof. Kodandaram when it was felt that there was no point in postponing the rally to another date. Instead as a compromise, the TJAC wanted permission for organizing the rally either on the Osmania University Campus or in the Nizam College grounds and the same was intimated to the court. The court then advised the organizers to file a fresh application to the police for permission and directed the police authorities to convey the decision by 3.30 pm today. The TJAC accordingly applied to the East Zone police authorities for necessary permission for holding the rally on OU Campus or Nizam College Grounds.

However, the OU Vice-Chancellor reportedly refused to permit any rally either on the OU campus or in the Nizam College grounds and hence the East Zone Police authorities refused permission to the TJAC for the rally and accordingly the High Court was informed. Thereupon, the petition filed in the High Court wasA�withdrawn. The courtA�then announcedA�its order granting conditional permission for holding the rally. AsA�per the court order, the TJAC is permitted to hold the rally at the Metro Rail grounds in Nagole on the outskirts of the city from 11 am to 3 pm.

The TJAC steering committee along with various units of the students and other organizationsA�besides senior leaders, were in a huddle discussing the next move in the wake of the High Court order. The organizers were in a fix as to whether they should abide by the court order and hold the rally on the outskirts of the city. It is learnt that some studentA�andA�youth leaders wereA�adamantA�in holding the rally within the city limits as messages had already been sent to various organizations all over the StateA�in this regard andA�hence the very purpose of the rally wouldA�have no impactA�if the same was held on the city outskirts.A�a��NSS

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