TJAC Forms Another Group a�?TACa�� In Telangana

TJAC Convenor Prof.Kodandaram formed another group a�?TACa�� along with activists to expose irregularities of the TRS Government.

Hyderabad: TAC, a civil society organisation was formed with activists and TJAC Convener on Tuesday to expose the irregularities of TRS Government in Telangana. Its main aim is to set up citizen tribunals to examine scams like Miyapur land scam.

Miyapur land scam which was said to be involved in hundreds of acres in Hyderabad city transferred to individuals illegally according to TJAC.

TAC does not belong to any political party and main object is to bring into lime light of the a�?anti peoplea�� policies of the Telangana Government according to Organisers

Organisation stated that Telangana was formed with great hope which was dashed by TRS and Telangana is limited to only one man family.

They also questioned KCRa��s decision of building new Secretariat at Bison Polo Grounds. Opposition parties are at a loss in countering TRS government and Democratic space has been shrinking, TAC Organisers said.


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